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What are you doing to keep your “Retention Percentages” as high as possible (other than giving great results)? We ask this question a lot with our coaching clients and most do not have anything implemented or at least they are very common and every boot camp is offering the same things.


This is one of our best “Retention Strategy” we offer in our Boot Camps…

They are a great way to build your community/tribe. Your campers will get to know each other better, become best friends, and they will talk about it OUTSIDE of boot camp, too! Be sure to take pictures to post on your blog/website, FB, and in your studio/gym. They will look at them over and over again!

  • Watch a Team Sport together
  • Bowling
  • Lunch/Dinner/Happy Hour
  • Fitness Adventure
  • Try a different fitness activity – like Pole Dancing – Alicia loved this one – lol!
  • 5k Races
  • Volunteer for a Charity together
  • Movie Night – Entertainment & Educational (Food, Inc)
  • Spartan Challenge Night
  • Attend any local event together – Festival & etc.
  • Get together for a season finale to a TV show most of your boot campers watch
  • Pampering Services


We offer one EVERY month! Make a list of 12 different ideas and schedule one EACH month in 2012.


FYI – this works! No one wants to leave the group. Most everyone wants to belong to something, why not your boot camp!!!


Make your list today!


Carrie & Alicia
“The Boot Camp Girls”