Raise price on Super-Trainer.com Fitness MarketingHow would you like to raise your prices for 2012?

Would you rather deal with 100 people paying $100 or 10 people paying you $1000? I have always liked the latter because it easier to control their environment, their results, and at the end of the day less customer service issues.

There is a quote that says, “Your price will eventually catch up to your value”.

I am not a millionaire nor am I a trainer to the stars, but my clients’ rock! Many trainers ask me how I got to the point where I charge $300 per 30 minute session? The truth is nothing changed as far as knowledge from when I was charging $70 per hour. [The change came when I understood the value I was providing and when I started to value my time more.]

When I realized these 2 things, I looked to increase the value I gave to each client by adding special events, special gifts, and most importantly learning more to make more efficient use of their time and get them quicker results.


How would you like to fast track that process?

This is what I want you to do.

I want you to realize that all of this is subjective and is mostly in your mind. A lot of times trainers think they need offer way more in order to charge higher prices.

The truth is if you can work on building solid relationships with your clients that make their life better, then you have done something hardly anyone else in their life is going to do. As Brandon Burchard says, “How do you put a price on ‘changed my life’?”

A lot of trainers say they want to make more money but the truth is they are not willing to do what is necessary. They are not willing to learn more to help their clients, they are not willing to show up to a clients kids game to show that you support them, they are not willing to call them on a Sunday to get them ready for a great week. They are not willing to respect and honor their craft of helping people live happier healthier lives. They are not willing to practice what they preach.

Magic Pill on Super-Trainer.com Fitness MarketingIf they even read this they will not even do the simple activity I just described above. Most of these trainers and people for that matter want the magic pill. And when they find out the work involved they get discouraged and look for the next thing that promises easy results.

If you have been reading super-trainer.com for any period of time you know we are a community of in the trenches trainers dedicated to taking effective consistent action. Since you have made it this far I presume you are an action taker and want to blow it up in 2012.

Guarantee Badge on Super-Trainer.com Fitness MarketingPerform the 4 step exercise above and take action on it and I guarantee this is one simple strategy to increase your value or I’ll give you 100% refund. I say this jokingly but the potential value your clients are not receiving and the amount of money you are leaving behind because you haven’t implemented this is no joke!

Over the next few months I will be sharing some more strategies to increase your value and help you make more money.

Ask me any questions below on the comments section and I look forward to speaking with the 5% of trainers that actually take action.



Armando “The Professor” Cruz