It seems usual for me to find personal trainers talking about how they want to go independent and have business of personal trainingor how they want to take their clients private. This sounds great. However, it is important to always start with the end in mind if you want a successful business of personal training. So, does this mean that these personal trainers want to make extra money or more about freedom? Or does this mean that they want to build their very own business of personal training that will support their biggest ambitions in life?

There is obviously a big difference between these answers. Chances are that you will fall in the middle. It is however, recommended that you dream big. Meditate on possibilities of achieving something that is greater than freedom or more money. Because there are too many people who are in need of our help today and also too many environmental and societal factors that are working against them, it is just right for personal trainers to think really big like starting a business of personal training.

Here, I mean complete freedom and real money and not just extra money. This is about helping many people in lesser amount of time and with less effort. Many personal trainers are interested in pushing this industry forward by starting their business of personal training. And if you are one of them who wants to redefine personal training, becoming a one on one personal trainer is just the beginning.

For the questions above as to whether they should go private or not or whether they should build successful business of personal training, keep in mind that better quality questions will lead to better answers. If you will be able to answer the question “how will you build a successful business of personal training?”, you should also have the answer to your question as to when you need to go private, how to attract your client and how to grow your business of personal training.

There are already too many personal trainers who are contented in running around the city and chasing for money. They are burning themselves out by doing the 8 sessions per day in 6 days a week. They should have built their fitness business instead so to attract more money. That way, they work even smarter. Indeed, there is really a great difference particularly in the quality of life that these personal trainers can have.

If you will not be able to become completely healthy for your clients, which is a living example of what the balanced lifestyle can provide, in control, focused and well rested, then there is no point in anyway. Following are the basics which you need to address if you want to have a successful running fitness business.

The alternate is that you run around town and train at five different places, teaching classes anywhere without exit strategies and understanding that all those times of traveling and your lack of direction already cuts to your profit per hour. These trainers also develop poor habits at the same time when creating more inertia which they need to overcome when they already decided to take their next step to success.

Don’t think of yourself as just a personal trainer. If you do, then you are actually limiting yourself and your potential. It is critical for you to cultivate a successful roster of clients if you want to attract quality opportunities. This is also the foundation of solid business model. Here, there are three major competencies namely – expanding your influence sphere, growing your business and making shift happen. They also have several sub competencies. You are not required to master all of these competencies. As a matter of fact, you only need to focus only on that which you enjoy and are great at.