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So a few days a ago I mentioned that the first pillar of business success is MARKETING.

I also talked about how to differentiate yourself from others in your marketing effort.

=> If you missed that post here it is again


Marketing gets people in the door

What’s the use if they don’t buy?

Unfortunately, most sales seminars and books I see written by gurus push the same tired “systems” of selling.

They call it the sales script. “Overcoming Objections” or some crap like that.


I absolutely HATE when someone reads me a script. I am not a robot.

Neither are your prospects.

After years of trial and error (yes, I fell into use the a script crap) here is what I found out that works.

1) BELIEVE: in what you are selling. When you believe in what you’re selling it’s easy to be enthusiastic about selling. Enthusiasm is the KEY to sales because it’s contagious and gets people EMOTIONAL. Remember people buy based on emotions then justify it with logic.

listen2) LISTEN: Stop talking. Shut up and just listen to your prospects needs. The more time you spend listening and understanding your prospects need the higher your the conversion rate will be.

3) ASK: The more you listen the more you understand but also the more you need to clarify. Ask your prospect intelligent questions that shows you are actually listening to them. Not just going through the motion, emotionless reading a script.

4) SIMPLE: Don’t give them a hundred different options programs and prices. Offer 3 options (preferably 2) and circle the one you PROFESSIONALLY recommend for their goals and explain why.

Sometimes that means the less expensive program. You’re a professional, conduct yourself as one.

5) DEALS: There are no deals. What is this the swap meet? The price you see is the price you going to pay. Demonstrate value and show social proof. The best never make deals.

Disclaimer: That’s not the same as having a low barrier of entry offer to give you opportunity to demonstrate your services. A low barrier of entry offer or daily deals are a great way to open a demonstrate value and increase cash flow. But once someone has tried your low barrier program there are no deals.

6) FOLLOW UP: Don’t follow up. I know, I know. This is the opposite of what you heard from everyone else and it’s the opposite of what I used to do myself. Like I said this from years of me being in the trenches. This is what works for me NOW.

The whole thing gurus teach “follow up til they buy or die” is BS. You will kill them trust me and make yourself miserable at the same time when you could be using your time cultivating the culture.

Let me ask you this? Imagine you’re interested to go on a date with this person and you give him/her your number.
She/he then calls you/texts you immediately and everyday after to see when it’s a good time for the “date”.


You’ll be like he/she is CRAZY or Desperate or both.

Don’t know one got time for that ;)

following-upI would just add them to your email list. That’s following up without being intrusive and pushy. (overtime you demonstrate your expertise and social proof through email the prospect will soon become a believer)

I could write a book on ways to turn prospects off.

Remember attract them to you, don’t try so hard to be attractive to them.

They can smell desperation.

So, back to the way you SHOULD BE SELLING.

So, a sales proposition should really be more of a CONVERSATION that you already know the answers to.

Your sales should be CUSTOM to YOUR CLIENTS and THEIR NEEDS/GOALS.


Because each client is unique.

As a small business don’t give up your competitive edge and give them the same old sales script like 24 hour fitness and other big box gyms.

If you nail this, then they will want to buy what you are selling… AND THEY’LL BRING THEIR FRIENDS!

Your boy Sam

PS – Stay tuned for the III pillar of fitness business success where I show you how to WOW your clients

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