I recently read through his Massive 466 Page “Letter Book” and took away the key nuggets for You.
I read this book based on Dan Kennedy’s recommendation…It’s widely known as the “Bible of Copywriting”.
Usually when I read a book, highlight the key points then go back and teach the takeaways to someone else. That way the knowledge is fully absorbed by me and shared with someone else….Enjoy!

1. Remember this to write Killer copy: The Knowledge of human reactions is more important than knowledge of the product/service.

2. Create an urgent desire and Trigger emotions. Example, exercise and nutrition are easier to sell for vanity and cosmetic purposes, not as much for health. Figure out the vanity emotions you can trigger. “How to get Toned arms and a Flat Belly in less than 30 days!” always beats- “How to live longer and have more well-being”

3. Get into your prospect’s head, their mental conversations. Align your copy with the conversations that are going on in their mind.

4. Always paint your copy with visual pictures. Words can be turned into pictures that make people want your service on a deeper level.

5. Always have a strong call to action…Make sure there’s one major thing you want your prospect to do.

6. Here are the key points of a great copy piece.

  1. The headline. You want to get your prospect’s attention. (60% of people ONLY read the headline)
  2. The description. You want to fulfill your prospect’s desires and also agitate their pains.
  3. Create a motive or the reason why. For example, this service will improve your life, increase your pleasure and decrease your pain.
  4. Show social proof. Have testimonials, pictures or texts of people that have had high success with the product or service.
  5. Always have a penalty for not acting now. Create scarcity. “If you Don’t ACT now you’ll lose this opportunity!”
  6. The close, the call to action! “Do it NOW before the price goes up or the service runs out”, make it an irresistible offer.

7. Never sell product or service. Sell emotion and desire.

8. Test using user’s names in a subject multiple times down a letter. The more you mention a person’s name, the more they’re apt to buy from you.

9. Copy proven and tested methods and headlines. Don’t try to recreate something new.

10. Always put yourself in the place of your ideal customer, their wants, their desires, their pain, their agitations. Build a picture in your client’s mind.

11. Always remember what do your clients want? What are their fears and frustrations- what keeps them up at night? Your solution is the emotional trigger that will move them to action!


AJ Mihrzad is a Queens Personal Trainer

and owns a Queens Personal Training Business