Hey Super Trainers,

Alex here (Sam’s apprentice)

In my first article, I explained the importance of doing things now.

So, I wanted to follow up that article with another lesson/core value I have picked up while at Fitness Concepts.

Talking in terms of S%?! THEY CARE ABOUT.

This is a concept that pervades marketing, and is nothing new. But when put into practice can really be applied to ALL facets of client interaction.

Example 1: Rather than selling whey protein supplement that will help reverse catabolism post-workout. Sell an ultra-convenient and cheap alternative to food that will help them fill out their (t-shirt if guys, jeans, if girls) faster and cut down on their meal prep time and greatly enhance the ease of the diet.

Example 2: Rather than selling a 2, 3, or 5 day/week bootcamp options, sell smaller waist sizes that come at different speeds.

Example 3: Rather than sell reoccurring personal training, sell reoccurring progress. Set goals at standard intervals. That way, they don’t need to feel like they are on a diet FOREVER, just until they reach their goal. And, at that point, they can decide to opt back in and set another goal – that matters to them.

This way you get more wins, more momentum, and are ultimately delivering more value related to the things they care about. Especially since they don’t care about how many sessions they get, they just care about fast they get to where they are trying to go.

Example 4: Find “win phrases.” As soon as you find out what someone’s goal is, makes sure you are selling a realized version of that goal. If they want to get a booty, sell filled out jeans. If they want to lose fat, sell smaller jean sizes, or fitting into those skinny jeans, or depending on where they are, the bikini they are too afraid to try on. A good way to ultimately get someone excited and make premium training worth it is:

“Imagine today is (date of 6 weeks from now) and you look down and the scale and it says (20lbs lighter than their current weight) and you are wearing your (piece of clothing you find out they can’t wear but want to)…how excited are you? Well, 4 out of 5 people reach that goal on our program. So are you ready to get to (wear those jeans/see ### on the scale)?”

That will convert a lot more people because they are now buying WHAT THEY WANT, and not a package of personal training. Personal training is expensive. But weight loss is WORTH IT. So just focus on delivering what they think is worth it.

This idea pervades all aspects of marketing and sales and will ultimately create more supplement sales, more bootcamp sales, more conversions and more opt-ins on your web offers. People want to buy what they want to buy, not what we are selling.

I wish you all more revenue, more conversions, less haggling, and more prestige from owning a badass gym with excited clients…benefits


PS – I am so excited, We’re getting ready to launch our first location. With everything I’m learning from Sam, I feel like I got a “License To Print Money” ;)