I got to tell you I love Super-Trainer. It’s like my new hobby. It’s giving me the same feeling I used to get when I bought a car and couldn’t wait to modify it. It’s incredible in little over 6 weeks the traffic to this site has nearly tripled. I love the fact that Super-Trainer is an open platform blog where any fitness pro with good content can share what’s working for them with the rest of the fitness industry. So when Emile Jarreau text me that he wanted to share something important with the rest of the industry I had to take notice……  Here is my boy Emile


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Today is a great day…but not so long ago, life sucked for this “trainer” The typical 60-80 week, not enough cash flow, constant threat of having no place to train clients when management gets a hair up their @ss and decides today is the day they take training “in house”…which always sucks for the educated gym goer having to suffer through a workout in the hands of the poorly skilled trainer.

All of you brand new trainers and boot camp owners are soooo fortunate right now to be alive in the world’s coolest occupation, with the most ridiculous quantity, of unprecedented access to “world class” knowledge with the few strokes of your laptop keyboard.

Ryan is one of the nicest and most humble person that I have ever met.

When I started…the internet was a foreign language and learning about who’s who in the fitness world for quality info was limited to those that were already skilled at internet product creation. The only guy first on the scene then (1999) really doing it well was Ryan Lee. Ryan, a former high school gym teacher, put it together well…very well. There’s a saying in the industry…”look at your results” Ryan’s results say he is killing it. (picture)

When it comes to direct mail and copy writing a few people can come close to Eric Ruth. Eric and Sean Greeley are also some cool peeps with great systems for personal trainers.

Also about that time…Phil Kaplan, Eric Ruth were part of a group of recognized early pioneer trainers and marketing gurus that practiced a lot of “offline” strategies that were good for the mid 90’s…and a bit of online techniques.

But things have changed very fast and continue to do so. For a lot of t

rainers, the ability to learn and apply new knowledge can be a daunting task while balancing 80 hour weeks. There just isn’t enough time to learn, let alone eat right, train yourself and get enough sleep plus protect the little bit of “turf” you have to keep your 20-or so clients.

Fast forward 20 years and mentors and gurus are everywhere…but there’s only a few that have proven by their results and the people they’ve helped…including yours truly, that they practice what they preach and walk their talk with products that deliver those sought after results!

Here’s the deal. When you spend $50-100 bucks for an online product or system that returns 10+ plus the return in $$revenue$$…isn’t that worth it? Provided you do the work. Some good entry level products to look for including online texting services like 7-Figure Sam’s “Contact Formula” a revolutionary texting system with done for you texts in the system!

With this new customer retention tool, client lead generation and acquisition funnel…the ability to get new customers 10-20 per month is fairly typical with daily updates and special offers.

My man Bedros Keuilian has helped me tremendously with my career.

Monthly newsletter and magazine systems like Bedro Keuilian’s “FitPro Newsletter” is also a huge for new and current constant client contact and front of the mind customer awareness tool. With a bit of customization to match your website or blog with your branding, this allows you to have the look and feel of a very successful fitness professional. This will generate also 10-20 new leads to convert each month. The ability to take individual articles from the system and post to FACE BOOK also gathers that traffic. Very cool!

Also some call center answering services, online customer assessment programs, scheduling systems. These save time and allow you to do one semi-private session to pay the monthly investment typically saving you 5-10 hours of your precious time each week. Is that worth it…hell YES. What could you do with another 20-40 hours of free time every month?

Let’s take it up a notch…you get a “biz in a box” for 500-2K plus possible monthly fees and you immediately apply…and get return within 30 days of implementation, 10 times your original investment, that scales…right? For example the current boot camp model.

Cable is the Canadian version of 7Figure Sam. Except he is much nicer and laid back. Big shout out to my boy cable. He is taking over Canadia ;)

Next are weekend intensives ranging from $1,500.-3500 to trouble shoot and tweaked the “leaky bucket” some of us have that leak profits away like a faucet on blast. Just plugging some of the holes that DO exist will pay for this weekend  investment…caution: your head will hurt from info overload, but this will be a huge game changer you I promise. Cable McElderry in Canada has one…and 7 Figure Sam have two of the best I’ve heard about. One recent move was Craig Ballantyne from his OSP weekend to now the “100K Info Mastermind Group and Internet Independence.” All these guys are very, very solid resources with serious results and track records that are backed up with many others through testimonials plus the real world results.

My boy Chris thought me how to get clients from the internet. That’s all day, everyday and twice on Sundays ;)

Ok, for the “Big Ballers” when you throw 12-15K per year…same thing when you join a mastermind group. Only here at this level you’ve mastered baseline skills of internet marketing, have offline systems with leveraged human resource capital in place…and a stand-alone facility…along with an online presence. Some good ones to look are Ryan Lee, Bedros Keuilian and Chris “Kick back Life” McCombs

(sidenote-I’ve worked with each of the above and each has a unique teaching style. My advice, if you can, work with them all…or at least start with all entry level products and start making money as you grow. Then re-invest in your education with the person that clicks best…and keep doing it. As long as you’re a do-er kind a person, have no fear and believe in yourself…you’ll be fine.)

The next level…is the “King Pin” 50-100k per year with high level mastermind coaching from 2-4 sources at once, pursuing all the really trick up to date info marketing strategies involving every aspect of the net and product creation. A few such high level groups are with Frank Kern , Joe Polish , Yanik Silver.

The take home message is to not ever be discouraged and to view those ahead of you with their success are no different than you. You can do the same, but first you have to decide, pick a mentor or guru you feel that same type of view point about life and the fitness game with, then pull the trigger, believe in yourself and have no fear.

Here’s Joe NOW…

[youtube IA2ayqXj9bA]


P.S. Special message to all trainers at minute mark 4:45.


Emile Jarreau
Bea Fox