Hey there fellow Fitness Business superstar.  It’s your favourite Ninja Dan here and I’m back with Part 2 of the 3 part series on how I plan to grow my business while I’m on Vacation in Asia.

As I’m writing this I’m on a plane to New York to work on what I call, “Project X”. I’ll be there for 4 days to get sh*t done, plan out my “change the world” strategies and…have fun doing it.

It’s something I’ve been planning for awhile and when it happens you will definitely know about it.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time…but that’s how I like it ;)  I’m there strictly on business but hopefully I’ll be able to throw some partying in there on the last day…you know how we do.

In part 1 we talked about how to hire your personal assistant…who is the most important person in your business to have when you are just starting out.

If you want to see the first part you can just follow this link here (link to part 1)

You also need to hire some reliable trainers to handle the training while you are away.  Please refer to this blog post I did for Chris Mccombs on how I hire my trainers here (link to chris blog)

Today we are going to talk about how to grow your business while you are having a Mojito on a beach in Boracay Philippines while being in the presence of many fine female women…or whatever activities you choose during your vacation.


Being in business is all about marketing.  And of course you must ensure you have a sales process that can be replicated and is proven to close your clients.  I’m assuming you have this already.

The thing with marketing is this:  You cannot rely on one source of marketing for your entire business. You must have “multiple poles in the water” as they say when it comes to attracting business so that if one pole is taken down you will have 5 more to rely on.


Here are my marketing poles and these will be the ones I will rely on to increase my business as I’m gone:


Email Marketing – I’m running a promotion for my email list once every month.  It will be a 3 email sequence and it will be for either a $97 Belly Off Plan or $67 14 Day Fat Flush.  Once a month I run one of these promos and change up the wording a bit.


Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This is taken care of by my sales women, my assistant and my trainers.  This is automatic and I can rely on around 10 prospects a week with SEO.  I’ve done the groundwork to rank for my keyword terms and now I get my man Neil to keep my SEO dominant in my areas.


PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Ads) – My man Neil is handling this for me.  I’m not sure if he’s taking any more clients but if he is, I’d snap him up before anyone else does.



Local Newspaper Ads – This is a pretty effective way on getting at least 10-20 prospects take you up on an offer. The ROI usually ends up being at least 100-150% of my original investment.  This means that if my ad cost $500, I’ll make back that $500 and another $500 on top of that.



Old Client Renewal Promo’s – Sending a postcard to past clients offering them a deal to come back to boot camp.  This is followed up by an email and then a phone call.

Remember – Each method must have a plan attached to it for that month.  The plan must include tracking your ROI.


October – I will have this already planned out and applied before I leave for Asia.

November – Happy Birthday to…ME!

Email Marketing – I’m running a $97 Birthday Sale (my birthday is on November 30th) to my local list.  It will be a 3 letter sequence.

Organic and PPC – My man Neil handles this.  I’ll let this run on its own.

Local Newspaper ad – Run a 28 Day Belly Off Ad in my local newspaper.  The ad will direct prospects to a sales page that is already connected to my one shopping cart account.

Old Client Promo’s – Send a postcard for 50% off their first renewal month in my boot camp.  Followed up by an email and then a phone call.

December – It’s all about dropping a dress size before their New Years parties.

Email Marketing – I’m running a 28 Day Drop A Dress Size before New Years promo.  It’ll be 3 emails as well.

Organic and PPC – Neil’s got this.

Local Newspaper Ad – Running the same 28 Day Drop A Dress Size Boot Camp New Years promo.  This is like marketing on steroids because not only will people be hearing about it on my emails, they’ll also see it in their local newspaper.

Old Client Promo’s – Again…running the same 28 Day Drop A Dress Size Boot Camp New Years promo.  Followed by an email and a phone call.


You’ll probably start to notice that every single month I have a promo plan in place to get more clients into my boot camps. There is something I learned awhile ago from my friend Christian Aguirre and that is to always increase your business income by $2000 no matter what happens.

And that means running promotions constantly to your email list and local town.  This also means that this little Ninja can take a vacation in peace and not worry about where his paycheque is coming from.

Hope you liked this blog post.  I’ll be coming back with Part 3 next month.






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