Hello there my ninja…hope you are doing great and whooping some serious ninja ass in your fitness business.

I’m writing this on a plane en route to Las Vegas where I’ll be masterminding with the best and upcoming fitness information marketers on the planet. This mastermind is lead by none other Bedros Keullian and Craig “Turbulence Training” Ballantyne.

Right now, life is good…I got “The Black Keys” playing on my iPod, there’s an attractive girl to my left, I’m heading out Vegas to mastermind my product launch and cause trouble my ninja’s Leanne Ellington, Devin Burns, Josh Carter, Justin Blum, Jeff Sherman, Yuri Elkaim, Ryan Magin, Ian Hart and of course I can’t forget…7 Figure Sam Bakhtiar.

Btw if you ever get an opportunity to party with 7 Figure Sam take it. You’ll always come away with some crazy stories like that ONE TIME we went out in Hollywood…

…that’s a story for another day…if you’re lucky.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I want to give you the anatomy of a fitness business that is able to run on its own…

A business that runs well enough to the point that it is able to grow or at least stay stable while it’s owner is away on a two month vacation to Asia.

If you have ever wanted to have the ability to leave your fitness business, travel the world and still make money while doing it…this is the blog post for you.

On the other hand if you are the type of person who likes working 40 hours a week training in their fit biz, doing the cleaning, admin, customer service all by themselves…I’m guessing they are not reading this right now…they are probably training at this moment.

Sucks to be them :P

Anyways…Back when I was at FBS in March I told everyone of my plans of world travel and I got such responses such as:

“How is that possible?”

“That’s awesome…I wish I could do it too”

“Can I come with you?”

The first question I’ll be answering in this blog post and my follow up blog posts, and YES you can do it…

…and yes…you can come with me.

Just get your bizness running smoothly by following these next few steps, board a plane by October 20th and I’ll take care of the both of us. Asia is my “hood” if you know what I’m saying mah ninjer.


How To Take A 2 Month Vacation To Asia, Have Tons Of Fun, Make Lots Of Money

Part 1 of 3

*Keep in mind that this is coming from the perspective of a (sexy) asian bachelor who has no kids and no wifey responsibilities (sorry Sam). This is not to say that it can’t be done if you have a family because it can. You just have to plan with them in mind…or not…whatever floats your boat.

*I’m also going to assume that you have a sales page that converts and not one of those corporate looking sites. If you don’t have this…get one ASAP.

*And if you are telling yourself that you won’t be able to do this…you are probably right.

*On the other hand, If you are telling yourself that you can make this happen you are also…probably right.


Here is exactly what you need for your two month vacation escape plan

A destination you’ve always wanted to go to. Choose one…the world is your oyster.


Here Is the 7 Things Your Business Needs For You To Escape

1 . An assistant to handle admin/management of business and trainers.

2 . A ever growing email list.

3 . A proven SEO plan for your local keyword terms and an efficiently run PPC (Pay Per Click) system…this is also what helps grows your list.

4 . A promotion strategy you plan out to get your admin to run for the months while you are out of town.

5 . Commission Based Sales people. These can be trainers as well but they must be taught on your sales system and convert at least at 25 to 30% of their leads.

6 . Loyal trainers who have been taught your exact system and taught how to close clients that come in for trial sessions.

7 . All the necessary loose ends that need to be tied up like cleaning, maintenance etc…

Today we’ll be going through how to get an assistant and how to she can run your business while paying her $10/hour.

How To Find Her (I say “her” because I believe women are the most organized gender on the planet and I also don’t want to look at a dudes face every time I need something to get done.)

First things first – Make sure you are write out a list of your perfect assistant. Everything that you need and want in an assistant…write it down. Like anything in life, you gotta get crystal clear on what you want or else you’ll fall for just about anyone.

Some things I would look for in a great assistant

Loyalty, organized, positive minded, ability to follow instructions, on top of things, nice personality for customer service, great punctuation, lives in my area but can work from home, open for future opportunities in my business, not ugly (so I can can be able to look at her) but not hot…because I got’s to be focusing ON my business…NOT my assistant’s bodacious body.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You must have all of your admin and management systems documented before hiring an assistant so you can hand the assistant a road map on how to run your business.

If you don’t have that then you are sh*t out of luck my friend and you’ll be plugging so many broken holes your assistant will end up quitting due to lack of competence.

So get that done before hiring an assistant but don’t use it as an excuse not to start.
Get started now and you should be done this within a week. I’ll show you how to take this vacation, you just gotta take MASSIVE ACTION.

Fair enough?

Here is exactly how I found my AWESOME assistant…


7 Steps To Finding A Great Assistant

1 . Go on survey monkey and create a free survey

2 . Create a survey asking the questions you feel fit your fitness biz.

3 . The final question should be something like, “What are the top 5 boot camps in your

*This gets them to think and actually do something. If they do not answer this question then don’t even get them in for an interview because they have showed you that they cannot follow instructions.*

4 . Post an ad on Craigslist for an assistant that points directly to the survey monkey page and asks that they do not send a resume but instead fill out the registration

5 . Collect the responses after a couple of days and get 7-10 of them in for an interview at one time.

6 . Out of people you have interviewed select two that you liked and bring them back for a 2nd interview.

7 . Make a selection and hire her on for a probationary period of 2 months.


Why this works

I have a rule that the more hoops you can make a prospective employee jump through…the more loyal they stay to your business. They have invested so much time to getting hired and then they have to go through probation that they won’t think of a bogus excuse to leave suddenly.

You also separate the pretenders from the people who are really serious about being responsible to a job.

It’s not a perfect process but it works for me and it’ll work for you.

Just wait until you see what I get my trainers to go through before they get hired…

After you hire her:

Make her sign the necessary contracts and non competes for your business.

Train her on your systems and monitor her for the next two months to make sure she does things right.

Every week give her a new task to expand her skill set. After two months you two should develop a strong enough trust and chemistry to be able to work synergistically.

The Tasks My Assistant Handles

– Monthly reports of my conversions
– Customer service
– Admin/entering new contracts
– Managing trainer hours
– Contacting Corporations for lunch and learns
– Email
– Incoming phone calls (btw use magic jack for your biz phone. It’s hella cheap and it
– Sending out cards to clients and gifts
– Reminding me of important appointments and dates
– Follow up with prospects and cancelled clients
– And much much more…

She pretty much holds it down for me for every single task I hate to do so I can focus on my 5% and take trips to Vegas or wherever I want to go.

How to keep a great working relationship with your assistant

The way I am able to keep a great relationship with my assistant is by including her in my plans for the business/my vision, treating her as if she’s part of a team, not scolding her for mistakes she makes (she will make them) but always making sure she learns from them and supporting her when she needs.

Also give her random gifts, thank you cards and overall support.

Just recently Janet’s (my assistant) son got beat up really bad so the trainers and I decided to get a card signed by everyone in the boot camp and give her flowers. She cried and was touched. This always goes a long way with anyone.

An important note:

Treat your employees as if they were teammates on your basketball team. Have each others backs and stick up for each other NO MATTER WHAT.

This creates trust, good will and a family type of atmosphere. I love working in an environment like this. It’s just my preference and I’m guessing that maybe you’d like things to be that way too.

Okay…so you got your assistant in place, she’s handling admin and now you are able to focus more attention on the MOST important functions of your business…


I’ll be getting to this in the part 2 next month. Until then, if you don’t have an assistant already, use this process and get one by next month.

Then we’ll be able to get into the real fun stuff…the stuff that makes us MONEY.

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