Justin Bieber

I wanted to follow up my Power of Appreciation post (thanks for all the comment love) with a post on how to help you create RABID FANS!

I was watching the Justin Bieber Movie “Never Say Never” Friday night with my lady friend….. Don’t judge! That movie was AWESOME, if you don’t believe me just watch it! First off this kid is talented, he plays like seven instruments, can dance and sing. Don’t hate, congratulate!

Now that we are past your fit of hysterical  laughter at my expense, let me tell you some major take aways from this movie.


#1) His success is not an accident– He was discovered on YOUTUBE, after posting hundreds of videos of Justin singing, his mother (a single mom) was contacted by a radio executive. This kid traveled the U.S. for a year and a half visiting radio stations, playing live, and working his ass off before anyone ever heard of him.

#2) His fans are RABID– This kid and his team have created an amazing following by doing a few things VERY well.

A) They make the fans feel like they matter! (are you doing this in your business?)

B) The GIVE! Every show, his managers walk the lines of people waiting and hand out tickets to kids who couldn’t afford tickets. At one point in the movie they bring a family from the “cheap seats” and sit them in the front row. This is some life altering shit for these kids with “bieber fever!”

C) Social Media- Justin Bieber is in CONSTANT CONTACT with his fans through twitter. He is always posting, and makes them all feel like he is talking to them.

#3) Create a Unique Experience– My brother from another Luka Hocevar coined the term “Unique Selling Experience” or creating an experience for your customers that is unparalleled. At every single one of the Bieb’s shows he brings a fan up on stage and sings his hit song “One less lonely girl”, gives them flowers, and serenades the shit out of them. Talk about an amazing experience! These girls are blubbering on stage, and an amazing thing happens when they show the rest of the crowd…… The rest of these little psycho’s are crying too!

The questions are

First off, watch that movie….. no joke, it was awesome!

Second, stop being a MONEY HOARDER. The more money you bring in per month, the more you should allocate towards creating a superior service. This should not be done blindly, there should ALWAYS be a strategy involved when it comes to how you invest your money back into your biz!

Remember, you would not be doing what you are doing without your members!

A little rule to help you keep your eyes on the prize is:

Treat your clients like family, and treat your prospects like clients”

I get questions all the time from fitness pro’s asking about lead generation, USP, how did I become successful etc. etc. And the answer is simple, I LOVE my clients, I go ABOVE and BEYOND what is expected of me, and I make them feel SPECIAL!

-This is how you will get a steady flow of referrals

-This is how you will create a family within your business

-This is how you create RABID FANS!


WWJBD………….. and that is What Would Justin Bieber Do,  not you Justin Blum ;-)



Steve Krebs