How I Started An Even BIGGER Movement: Trainers Now Hustling Worldwide …

Posted on 21. May, 2009 by in Personal Trainer Marketing, Personal Trainer Sales Systems


I’m happy to say a lot of trainers worldwide have started getting really active in the personal training business because of me …

They’ve seen a goofy young guy like them using the web to spread a message – it’s made them very entrepreneurial

One such guy is my buddy Eirik, out in Norway.  Eirik’s a real hustler (ie an action taker) – he’s bought everything I’ve put out, and it’s helped him get his training business established – now he’s looking to expand the reach of his business.

sandvik_whiteAn unfortunate limiting step in putting out any new product or service however is having some strong designs representing you.  It’s human nature, that we judge books by their covers.

I talked about how Eirik was getting jerked with his fitness marketing design costs in a previous post – now he’s getting quality stuff from my guys for next to nothing.

In this post you’re seeing some of the designs he’s got from my team so far – they’re pretty outstanding if I don’t say so myself!

If you want to check out the DESIGN service just click this link.  A word of warning – the page only works on Firefox (we’ll fix that problem once we roll out the new Super-Trainer site).

If you can’t see the page, just email me at and we’ll get you full details.

Haha – time to get hustling yourself – just let me know what I can do to help!

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Yavor Marichkov

21. May, 2009

You know I’m a sucker for design, right? Well – those metallic slick looking images are great. Great job from your design guys, man


Doug Groce

21. May, 2009

Eirik – Tight designs man – Keep me posted up on how it goes with your business – I wanna hear all about it!

Eirik Sandvik

21. May, 2009

Yeah, Im very happy with the designs so far, and my business has shifted to a new gear very quickly after taking this part of the game more seriously.
I will recommend this service for anyone looking for quality work at a very low price. At least, I`ll use this service continuosly in the future.
If anyone have some questions regarding this, shoot me an email.
Thanks for the work so far, guys!


Michael Duivis

21. May, 2009

Personal Training in Norway – how is that going over there?

I lived in Amsterdam for 13 years but not once heard about Personal Training. Good luck man, keep us posted!

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