modern-designDo you want to know one of the funniest things about this blog? I must get as many questions about the design and set-up as I do about Personal Training!

Well, if it’s not as many, it’s pretty damn close!  That’s flattering, but this is actually a very, very simple site when you break down all of the elements involved.

But recently, in chatting with one of THE MANUAL owners to get his own site set-up, I realized that trainers are really getting jerked when it comes to doing something similar themselves …

It was with Eirik out in Norway.  Here’s how it went …

Hi Kaiser!

I really like the layout on your website, so I wondered if you have any tips with who I can consult to build a similar site like yours? :)

Best regards from Norway,


I was happy to reply to Eirik on that – I use a free WordPress template on my site, and I let him know which one and he was able to get it done himself.  Here was his next question …

Hi Kaiser!

Did you make your logo or did you outsource? I really like it and would like something similar, but I don’t know any “designers”. Do you have any tips? :)



I’m not sure what I told Eirik about this, but I checked back on his site not much later and noticed it was coming along very well.  It was obvious to me Eirik was a do-er and taking quick action.  I thought everything was going good, and in passing asked him how much he was paying for it.  When he told me what it was, is when I realized there was a major problem here …

Hi Kaiser,

He charges 75 per hour, so I first payed about 400 for the logo (some revisions) and then about 375 for the banner.


That means he paid nearly $800 bucks just for the designs! And that doesn’t count any of his web set-up costs, which he’s still having trouble with.

I wish this was the only time I’ve heard this from readers, but it isn’t.  It seems to me everyone is overpaying for their design work, and often times ending up with really shoddy stuff.

This made me realize it was time to take matters into my own hands – and here’s what I’m doing about it …

I’m opening up my design team for use by everyone with a service I call, real simply …

Super-Trainer Design

You’ll now be able to get the same design work I get here (even better, depending on your ideas) for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere on the web.

I won’t be able to consult with you on your projects, but I do guarantee you’ll be satisfied with all of your work.  My guys really do world class stuff and I’m sure everyone will be more than thrilled.

To check out the services we’re offering and the prices CLICK HERE. Right now we have some introductory prices on there that won’t last long …

Hey, I’m always saying getting started should be easy.  Well right now, hopefully I made it even easier!