[spoiler]What’s up Super-Trainers! This is Leanne Ellington coming it to you from the lovely Maui, Hawaii. My main point in this video is something that I probably wouldn’t been able to talk about a couple of weeks ago or even a few days ago. It’s the concept of sprinting, doing maximal activity/work followed by a recovery or rest. We talked about or we preach it in our boot camps or training sessions with our clients about the importance of rest. How much better equip they’re gonna be and do that big activity if they are followed by a rest.

I am sitting here and literally this is the first vacation I’ve taken for myself in about 18 months. 18 MONTHS! I don’t know how I’ve been doing it. Sure, I’ve been going away for the weekend and going to conferences, masterminds, and maybe visiting my family living in Ohio. But I haven’t taken an extended period of time where I just shut off my mind and there is something really specific about that in terms of not checking your email, no worrying about the day-to-day focus of what’s going on in your business. Just literally shutting off your mind. Because there is a double edge sword to being a fitness entrepreneur or any entrepreneur for that matter. It’s just we don’t have the to go to work 9-5 and shut off our mind at the end of the day. Our mind is running on overdrive 24 hours a day; when we’re sleeping, when we’re not sleeping, when we’re working out, when we’re doing anything. Our mind is constantly thinking about the next best thing or and just not shutting off and we have to regulate that.

One thing I kinda lack doing is just taking an extended period of time (more than 24 hours) and just shutting off my business mind. Already, I’m on day 5 of my 7 day trip here in Maui not to mention I’m staying in the house with a fellow entrepreneurs and people that just inspire the crap out of me but already I feel so refreshed, so rejuvenated and I know I’m gonna be able to go back fully charged. Working with a coach lately, one of the things he’s been talking about is he recommends all his clients to take a mandatory vacation at least 4 times a year. It doesn’t have to be a week away in Maui, you can just be few days away but it is so important to shut your mind off. I know that few weeks up until this trip I’ve been working hardcore, overdrive, launching new coaching program, launching new program for new members, launching new for new members. I’ve just been going hardcore trying to get everything done so I can go on this trip and not worry about it. The truth of the matter is, nothing is really different from this trip than it is in my normal life except that I don’t take that 7 day recovery after I do that long sprint. Nothing is that much different, I’m constantly launching programs, I’m constantly chugging chugging interval training and I don’t allow for that recover. So one thing that is so important and I know that Sam will tell you the same thing is just make sure that you are taking time for yourself and going o the beach for a day and bringing your laptop does not count. OK? I’m talking about doing something amazing for yourself, shutting off your working mind, letting your assistant take care of your emails.

Funny little side note, I went to check in my support emails which my administrator is in charge of checking and she written me an email saying “Leanne, why are you checking emails? Go and enjoy your vacation!” So my very first day here I checked my emails and she yelled and me, not because she has the power to yell at me but because she is just reminding me “go enjoy life and take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.” So I’m gonna give you of a view from our front porch here that we are staying at a villa here in Maui. You can see the ocean (hope you can see it), we got the mountains, this is our backyard, the house that we are staying in and I just got lucked out and got access to this beautiful villa here. I’m just enjoying the fruits of my labor and hopefully you guys are taking some timeĀ  for yourself and enjoying life because it is beautiful and hopefully this is a good little reminder to go ahead and do that. See you next time! I’m Leanne Ellington for Super-Trainer.com and I’ll check you later.[/spoiler]


Leanne “Fitbiz Femme Fatale” Ellington