Twitter Logo on Fitness MarketingOk guys real quick one today for you as I have a small window of time between clients.

There are SO MANY different ways to market and promote yourself. Facebook, twitter, print media, press releases, google ads and email marketing just to name a few. So how do we decide which is the best for us.

The simple answer? Try something out and stick with it until it works or you need to move on, do not have your hand in every cookie jar going or you will be losing money very fast without a whole pile of return.

Pat Rigsy talks about have 2 internal sources (eg. referral contests and challenges) and 2 external sources (e.g facebook ads).

I have only been in the training game since January of this year and while I am nowhere near as successful as some guys on here I do pretty well for myself.

At the start of my marketing drive to promote business I tried everything to get leads. One thing that I had to look at was Facebook ads. To me learning facebook ads was a acheivement and I set about creating good traffic from the ads (and got myself a decent click through rate from them too). However, no one who came in to sign up cited Facebook ads as the point of contact. Where I was building a following on facebook and twitter the paid ads simply didnt work for me.

I would shout at myself frustrated until I finally decided to cut my losses.

Ifacebook logo on Fitness Marketingnstead of spending £10-20 a week on ads I concentrated elsewhere and now only use facebook to promote my business for FREE (which is great btw).

The result? Well during the time of running the ads I had 3-4 sign ups for my premium PT package. Since I stopped I have had 15+ enquiries and 7-8 sign ups, 4 or 5 of which have been in the past 2 weeks.

I simply wasn’t getting my lead generation 100% right and was wasting my time on ads that werent converting when I could have used my time, money and energy elsewhere, such as email marketing or blogging (PS if you dont have them check out Big Chris’ Fitness Blogging Profits and Sam’s 7 Figure Emails… awesome stuff).

7 Figure Emails on Fitness Marketing

Learn from my mistakes and cut your losses with something if its not right or work on it until it is perfect.

Odhran McCorry
“The Machine”