Link to download flowchart: Contest Set Up ProcessNEW

Hi everyone! my name is Adam McKenzie from Melbourne, Austalia. And hopefully some of you read my blog posts on Sam’s blog. I did get the videos and the content mixed up so hopefully you got value from both, sleep deprivation affects as all.

What I have done for you guys today to make up for that little bit of stuff up is not only did I break up the structure on how you can run different competitions in the blog post at the start of the week. What I’m gonna give you now is a complete flowchart of every single step you need to take to get a competition or contest up and running. If you’re not running contests at the moment I think you’re mad in terms of adding cash flow, in terms of being able to increase some upfront capital into your business, to bring in new leads. It’s the perfect time of year, everyone with new year’s resolutions and everything else so you’re crazy if you’re not. What I’m gonna do for you is give you a step-by-step process and formula we’ve been using for the last three years on how to get people into competitions, how to get them setup, what different tools you can use to be able to track what they’re doing. If you’re not currently using any software to be able to track what your clients are doing, to be able to do consistent body compositions, to be able to setup nutritional programs, weights programs, and anything else I think you’re crazy. I think you need to add that into your business. If not, you need some sort of consistent system there that you can use, that way when you’re giving reporting to clients and everything else they are all in the same level and everyone knows where they’re standing with it all. Below this video, hopefully you can see an attachment. You guys can print it out, have a look, every step is there from the begginning all the way through to getting your competition up and running. So hopefully you will get a lot of value out of that. If you’re not running them at the moment, take this and plug it straight into your business and get one up and running. There’s no reason why you couldn’t take this and in two weeks time have a competition up and running with a hundred plus people in it. Grab the bull by the horns, go for it!

What I’m gonna do for my boy Sam is that I’m going to offer any of you guys a free trial. I’m only gonna offer 10 though, so the first 10 who get back to me at I put my email and my details below this as well. I’ll offer you a free trial, that will be a free four-week trial, no commitment, no sign-up, no money. Basically you can take this system, you can plug it straight into the software that I’m using. The system is already there, just plug it and go, so there’s no reason like I’ve said that within two weeks you can get it up and running. Get some cash flow in the door, get a whole lot of new leads, suddenly in four weeks time you can bring in people into your normal programs and making a hell of a lot of cash. So, goodluck with it.

If you have any questions let me know. Those of you who want in on the trial, I’m only going to keep it open for a day or so, hit me up as quickly as you can at and yup… Good Luck!