In case you missed Fitness Marketing law of hype make sure you go back to read it. It’s essential to read marketing law of hype to understand fitness marketing law of acceleration.

What is the difference between a product that accelerates quickly then dies out and one that moves slowly and builds a long lasting stance with customers? One is called a fad and the other a trend. A fad is quite noticeable, becomes popular fast, but then dies down in a hurry. A trend is not as noticeable and tends to be more powerful over time. A fad might make you a lot of money fast, but it won’t keep you in business for the long haul.


The Law of Acceleration on Fitness MarketingFads are short term marvels that offer profits quickly but don’t do a company much good once the fad dies down. For example, do you remember the release of Cabbage Patch Kids in 1983? Anyone that had children at the time, specifically girls, knows what I’m talking about. The hype of those dolls was insane. The maker, Coleco knew they were going to make some serious cash. They produced hundreds of different novelties relating to the dolls and within two years they had sales of $776 million. In 1988, Caleco filed chapter 11. The fad died!


The Law of Acceleration on Fitness MarketingThe same thing happened with Furby, the electronic robotic toy that resembles a hamster or owl and spoke 24 different languages. It was a must have toy in 1998 with sales continuing through year 2000 and a new release in 2005. Over 40 million Furbies were sold making Tiger Electronics a lot of money. But, just like the Cabbage Patch dolls, the Furby died out. The problem with fads is that once everyone has whatever the fad is then nobody wants it anymore.


On the other hand, a trend produces ideas more slowly and controls the release or appearance of the idea. Entrepreneurs that introduce their product or service more like a trend tend to keep their product in the market longer; it doesn’t die out.


The Law of Acceleration on Fitness MarketingAll those “lose weight quick” schemes are what we call “fad diets” because they are get rich quick scams, full of broken promises that accelerate quickly and then die. Successful fitness entrepreneurs focus on healthy lifestyle changes that teach clients how to lose body fat, get toned and fit, and stay that way for life. Our fitness strategies are the trend because we teach customers slowly and continue to provide the service we promised.


Fitness entrepreneurs incorporate new concepts to keep up with the changing times and develop new ideas to keep our clients from getting bored and slipping back into their old routines. We are innovative in how we stick with the trend and continue in a long-term direction. One way to carry on a long-term demand for our service is to never completely satisfy the demand. This doesn’t mean we aren’t satisfying the customer. It means we continue to develop new concepts that keep them happy, wanting and reaching for more.