Fitness Marketing Law #2 -The Law of Category

Fitness Marketing Law #2 -The Law of Category

Posted on 24. Aug, 2011 by in 22 Fundamental Laws of Marketing

Fitness Marketing Law #2 – The Law of Category basically means, if you can’t be the first in a certain category then create a new category you can be first in. Remember in the Law of Leadership I mentioned being second doesn’t mean your product can’t be successful? This strategy defines that statement.

Are you familiar with Amelia Earheart? She was the FIRST WOMAN to fly the Atlantic Ocean, but she was also the third person overall to fly the Atlantic behind Lindberg and Hinkler. People do not remember her because she was the third person to fly the Atlantic. They remember her because she was the first woman to do it. So, we remember Lindberg because he was the very first person to fly the Atlantic and Earheart because she was the first woman (a new category). Where does Hinkler land in the mind of the consumer?

The point here is to get into the prospect’s mind first but in a different category. Entrepreneurs who focus on being better in the first category usually end up losing. But create a different category to be first in and success unfolds. A great example is The Mac by Apple. Microsoft is still the number one operating system, but Apple created a different category with The Mac, which is number one in the graphic design category. How about Dell? They were the first to sell computers by phone and now they are a $61 billion dollar company.

When initiating a new product, ask yourself, “How can this product be better than what already exists and how can I create a new category so the product will be first in the prospect’s mind”. Prospects are comfortable with brands and often times will get defensive when trying to persuade them from “their brand”. But, if you think categories, and market a “first” in a new category of a brand you will gain the prospect’s interest. Promote the category because if you’re first there really isn’t any competition.

Every difference (new product) defines a category and in that category someone has to be first. The concept of creating a category is to define to your customer the key difference between the “brand” and your new category. The strategy of why it is different and to whom does this difference matter is the reason your product will be number one to them. This is your target audience.

Focus on your target audience and think of what will satisfy their needs that another business hasn’t developed. Again, it doesn’t have to be a completely new product, but instead a new category. Take for example, Subway Sandwich. They were competing against all the fast food joints and were running low in the competition. All of a sudden we see Jeremy on every Subway commercial advertising how much weight he is losing by eating Subway sandwiches. Subway created a new category of healthy fast food and became number one in that category. What a superb idea! Stay tuned for Fitness Marketing Law #3. Can you guess what it is?

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Dennis Blair

26. Aug, 2011

This describes what I have done perfectly! In my town there are so many gyms, boot camps, etc. It is very saturated here. I knew I needed to create a new market with all those personal trainers that work at these places. I looked into it, and no one was doing in-home personal training here. NO ONE! So I decided to fill that niche. Let’s just say business exploded! A lot of people who find my website tell me, “We didn’t know there was an in-home personal trainer in Fort Collins.” I got so busy this year that I had to hire three trainers to meet the demand. I only train the clients that I had previously, and all the new clients go the other trainers. The beauty of this is too is that you can get anywhere in my town in about 10-12 minutes. I keep being told that in-home personal training isn’t a good business model, but I say phooey. If no one else is doing it and you are #1, then it can be very lucrative!

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