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Fitness Marketing Incest
Fitness Marketing Incest
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Hey, What’s up everybody? what’s up Super-Trainers? This is your boy, Sam from What’s going on?

And, today what I wanna do is I want to talk to you about marketing incest. You know what marketing incest is? – Marketing incest is when everybody is doing the same thing. They’re watching each other, and there’s copying each others ads. So now, check this out. This is the two, right here in the Chino Hills area, there are two magazines. Okay, one of them is called the “Butterfield Stageline”. This is January 2012. Okay, another one is the “Westcoast Magazine”, and again if you look at here, it’s January 2012. Right? Okay, so once you turn the page I want to show you all these trainers’ ads that look exactly the same and say the same darn thing. So, check this out.

So first one, we got this person’s ad, looks familiar. If you look at here, it says “Voted #1 Fitness Bootcamp in Chino Valley” Okay, so voted #1 fitness bootcamp in Chino Valley… by who? I’ve been living here for 12-15 years and everybody that has been living here, nobody has ever seen a voting procedure, like a voting company that’s gonna come in here and actually take the right vote, where people get to actually vote for. We never heard of it and I’ve been here for pretty much half of my life.

So, now we’re gonna come here. A different magazine, January 2012, this is Butterfield Stageline. We have another bootcamp here, Chino Hills Indoor bootcamp. Wait a second, they say they’re voted #1 indoor bootcamp in Chino Hills. Wow! What the hell, I’m confused. Who’s number one? I thought these guys say they’re number one, and now, these guys say they’re number one. Wow, I’m totally confused. So, you could just go out there and say you know, promote yourself as the number one without really having any voting organization going out there and saying that you’re number one. There’s no rhyme or reason. Is anybody teaching you out there to do that? You know, you are going to lose your credibility with the public and once you lose trust, you lose everything. Don’t ever get caught lying, when somebody asks you who actually voted you? What is the voting sanction? How are the voting procedures done? Can you go on there and vote a hundred different times for yourself online? Well, anybody can do that, right? So, now let’s go and listen to some more ads. Because they’re full of them, okay. Oh! here’s one, another bootcamp. This is an affiliate… and voted #1 fitness trainer. Okay, so we have a voted #1 bootcamp and a voted #1 fitness trainer. You thought that the number one fitness trainer would be the number one bootcamp, but it’s not. So, I guess you can be the best fitness trainer and have a bad bootcamp. So, I’m really confused. So, is it the fitness trainer that makes the bootcamp or just the bootcamp that makes the bootcamp. So, this guy is voted #1 fitness trainer, but he doesn’t say who, what, what organization, who gave him that right so he’s given his own right to do that. Wait a second, now let’s look at here, what else we have? Let me see, let me just see the post. There, Results or your money back, okay let me see if they have results or your money back… results or you don’t pay a dime. Wow, okay. So we’re going on, now let me see what else they’ve got.

Oh wow, now let me see here. Now let’s go even more, let’s go over here. Now this is just a bad ad. So if you see these folks, do not. If you’re gonna spend fifteen hundred dollars on a 1-page ad, which I highly recommend you don’t unless you can barter this with the owner or someone. There’s no return on a $1500 – $2000 ad on one page here. So, if you’re gonna do that, don’t wear a tank top in the ad. That’s just ridiculous, I mean nobody wants to see that. I mean, if I’m paying for my wife to go there I don’t wanna see some dude with a bunch of muscles in a tank top to be training her, neither does anybody else. Remember the wives are the ones going here mostly and their husbands are paying, so nobody wants to see a dude with muscles hanging out and looking like Mr. Clean.

Anyway, this is just, you know Sam at just keeping it real with you, just want to tell you what mistakes not to make. You’re not going to make your ads look like anybody else. Don’t just call yourself #1 when you aren’t number one and there are no voting sanctions. Because people can see that, you see this is a small community. The same people who get this are the same people who get this. So, if you call yourself #1 make sure you have authorization or somebody to back it up. Anybody can call themselves number one. It takes hard work, it takes dedication, and it takes desire. Don’t use the same testimonials everywhere else. I mean if you go to this website right here and then you go to this website here. They’re 4-miles apart and they’ve got the same testimonials. What gives? Now, you’re number one trainer or you’re number one bootcamp. I thought it should be simultaneous, but it’s not.

Alright, Sam from just keeping it real with you. See you soon.