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Boot Camp Marketing on Fitness MarketingBoot Camp Marketing on Fitness Marketing

Ok let me show you how I did it

You know for the past few years I have been comfortable enough not to have to work hard to dominate the local personal training and boot camp business in Chino Valley.

Not to brag, I was first in the scene and had a HUGE head start on positioning, marketing, reach, etc……

Remember in marketing first to the market usually always have a MAJOR advantage over everyone else.

See Fitness Marketing Law #1 The Law Of Leadership

Just like Coke, Xerox, Tide, etc………
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Now fast forward 12 years later and there are literally a dozen or more personal training and boot camp businesses within A 5 mile radius.

Nothing brings out the best in me like some good old competition.
sam on Fitness MarketingSome of these clowns are trying their best to imitate and copy my business. Advertising in the same publication. (Paying $2K per month for a one page ad where I pay $820 ;)

What’s funny is that I know the EXACT number of calls we get from that magazine and track all the matrix. At $820/month we made a few bucks but at 2K per month it wasn’t worth keeping it.

So I decided to pull out of the magazine and hire a 40 hour per week assistant that calls ALL my past clients/prospects in Chicago and California for $1280 per month.

Let’s say that she has more than paid for her own salary.

These clowns are paying a RIDICULOUS amount of money to beat me for the term “Chino Hills Personal Trainer” a term that doesn’t warrant spending 1K/month on SEO and they still are coming up short.

Boot Camp Marketing on Fitness Marketing

If they would give all of the other “franchisees” the same SEO treatment then maybe they wouldn’t have people dropping out like flies.

Remember when it comes to fitness marketing or marketing in general the first to market usually wins unless a new category is made by competitors.

That’s exactly what I did with Super Trainer. I made a fitness marketing blog that’s about the industry not just me. After seeing some of these self serving blogs I created a platform that anyone can share any information as long as it’s unique and beneficial to our industry.

Super-Trainer isn’t a self serving blog about “how great I am blog”, “look at what my coaching clients are doing”, “buy my franchise or go out of business”.

On my own blog we share information to better our businesses. For example some have success with lead boxes (Christian Aguirre and Zach Hunt) and I think they are garbage. I think light industrial location is the way to go and Kaiser thinks retail location way better.
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Folks there are many different ways to success and if someone ever tells you that their way is the only way you should run.

You should always be a student and always keep on open mind to improve.




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