conferenceAre you doing the same thing you were last year? If so, shame on you. That’s unacceptable in today’s age, and that’s even more true if you’re in fitness.

Can I take a guess at the reason?

It’s probably because you haven’t been hanging around enough people that challenge you, motivate you, and that you can learn from. That’s where professional networking comes in.

All of this virtual, online stuff is weak compared to REAL-LIFE interaction with other people. I think it was Brian Tracy who said attending a conference has 30 times as much useful information as reading a book, but I think he was just scratching the surface.

Because beyond the informational aspect of it, there’s the energy you get from being around other successful, like-minded people. This permanently CHANGES you – you can’t really estimate the value of that.

Here are two issues of the UNDERGROUND NEWSLETTER where I talked about the subject of networking and professional conferences.

And on that subject, the most important event of the year is coming up in just a couple of months – I’ll tell you more about it at the end.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

kiss-the-ringYou’ve heard that line before – it’s the great quote from the Godfather movies.

But what does it mean exactly? For a long time I didn’t understand. Back when I was just an aimless wandering blip, before I got serious about something (Personal Training), and happened to love doing it, or make any good money at it, I couldn’t possibly get it.

I didn’t matter enough to have any friends or enemies!!! How could I relate to any advice from the Godfather, besides thinking it was a cool movie with a lot of shooting?

But NOW I think I’m starting to get it –

The whole idea is your enemies (the people that are your potential COMPETITORS, ROADBLOCKS, or BOTTLENECKS) are precisely the people that you want to have the most knowledge about and the most influence over. You want them close to you, even more than your friends – you want to know every move they’re making, because they directly affect your survival.

How does that relate to training?

Back when I was a lame trainer, I thought: “Screw the competition! Why should I care about them? Those guys suck – what do they have to do with me?”

But being close to and in contact with other people in the industry allows you to adjust to what’s going on, gets your own juices flowing, and gives you the vital information to maintain your edge.

Would you rather be in the know, or find out after it’s too late?

And even better, it creates that special type of human synergy that allows your own powers and abilities to multiply many times –

So like the Don said keep your “enemies” close …

What you could ALSO take this to mean is you shouldn’t view anyone as an enemy. You should view everyone as a friend that you can learn from, and also help in some way –

But we would never say anything as lame as that here, would we?!?!? HAHA!

The Importance of Networking

If you’ve read the Whistleblower Report and certain parts of the blog, you’ll know for a while I’ve been against TRAINING CONFERENCES –

But I’ve changed my tune on that subject big time – it’s because to get the most out of a conference, you’ve got to understand the PURPOSE –

And the purpose IS NOT to sit there like a GNOME and think that you’re achieving something. I think the words themselves, “training conference”, are what throws people off –

In most industries you know what they’re called? They have a much better name: NETWORKING EVENTS. That’s a brilliant term isn’t it?

That’s the main value of a training conference – the networking aspect! Meeting people at all levels of the same industry, gaining and sharing info – this is when synergy can happen.

Of course you can learn a lot at them too – I’m not downplaying that. But your networking? Getting all the TOP PEOPLE in one place at one time? That can ONLY happen at one of these events! That’s why they’re special.

My problem with the conferences early on was my own doing. I used to look to them as the answer to all my problems. That was early in my career, back when I really sucked. I hoped I would come away with some sort of magic skills from these things that would get me out of my rut.

Combine that with the fact that I didn’t really want to interact with any of my “competition” – haha – I know, isn’t that the most lame, childish b.s. you ever heard?

Also add that most conferences don’t teach you anything new – they just look to maintain the status quo. There ARE a few good ones however that you can lean a lot from.

Speaking of which, the biggest and most important one is coming up on May 1-3

fitness-business-summit-09It’s probably the only conference I will be attending this year because it’s the only one worth going to. Fitness Business Summit ’09, organized and hosted by Bedros Keulian. Bedros is the only fitness business coach whom I endorse 100%.

I don’t like to speak in absolutes, but if you miss this one you’re just not serious about the quality of your career. Check out his speakers and you’ll understand – this isn’t your usual group group of suspects. No matter what point you’re at in your fitness career, this event will change you.

girls-networkingI’ll also look to put together a Super-Trainer Masterminding Event of some kind here for my readers at the Summit. And maybe I’ll come out of semi-retirement for one night to tare LA a new hole with you guys and gals. This special networking event will be taking place outside of the venue, after hours, and I promise it will not be at Dave & Busters!

Just make sure to register through my link to be a part of any Super-Trainer networking stuff at the Fitness Business Summit.

Here’s the link for more information:

Fitness Business Summit ’09

These spots will go very fast – everyone in the fitness world knows Bedros, and I’m REALLY late in telling you about this. You cannot sit on your keyboard – you’ve got to register now! See you there.


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