I just visited the Fit-Pro Magazine site and was shocked by what I saw – they have my picture plastered all over the place!

Haha!  I’m not complaining – I love those guys and gals over there, including managing editor John Thompson, Josh Vogt in the ad department, and the lady running it all, Shelby Murphy

Besides my picture being all over the place, they also have a new, highly motivational video by Shelby.  Shelby really gets what we’ve been talking about from the beginning on this blog – about how a fitness career is a vehicle for our own personal growth and fulfillment.  Here’s the video (notice the broad, important issues she touches on):

[youtube LWwdhWs6SRA nolink]

If you want a free subscription to PFP, just follow this link.

And check out my article in there this month – it’s about using auto-responders to keep in touch with your clients.  If you’re a reader of this blog that’s very old news to you, but to the majority of personal trainers today, it’s new information (lol).

tracksterOn that subject …

Based on the article I got contacted by a fellow, Craig Millman, that just released a piece of online software that allows you track and keep in touch with clients seamlessly, called THE TRACKSTER.

I just checked out the demo and it looks really useful.  Looks to me like it gives you a lot of options in tracking and managing live and online personal training clients, either for you or your employees.

Craig’s real cool – for readers of SUPER-TRAINER, he’s extending a special offer:

For the first 50 trainers to sign up to an account, he’ll increase the 30 day trial period to 6 months!  All you have to do is sign up and email Craig (craig@thetrackster.com) saying “Kaiser sent me” and he’ll fix it up for you.

See that?  You got a couple of free things in this post – just remember, you owe me a drink at the next convention!