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I just got over here to sunny California for the big FBS Event!!! And like I promised, there’ll be a few networking events for Super-Trainer readers that are going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking to organize lunch for us on Friday with a special guest for everyone that purchased their ticket for the event through my link, and there will also be a lot of things going on Friday and Saturday night for those of you that want to check out the scene here. If you signed up through my link, just email me here for the special lunch on Friday (remember, I won’t be paying for your meal, but will look to have a special guest attendee to answer any questions you might have). Here’s the email you can reach me at: – And everyone over here in the area, even if you didn’t sign up through my link, please come over to hang out and we’ll surely find some time to meet up and chat. Ha! Heading over to sunny Cali, to a fitness business conference, and getting to hang out with other likeminded trainers – that’s the FITNESS LIFESTYLE at it’s finest!!!

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“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Don Corleone; The Godfather Haha – and just like the Don, there’s been a guy in the fitness industry that’s making trainers an offer they can’t refuse for years now – that man’s Ryan Lee.  He’s been telling trainers to look beyond just their hourly sessions,  gyms, and immediate customers, and embrace the wide world of potential clients out there, and how technology can now help you leverage the job of serving them. Ryan’s responsible for the some of the biggest success stories in the fitness industry. To name who he’s inspired is pointless, because there’s hardly a single person you’ve heard of doing anything big in fitness, whether it be on or offline, that hasn’t been inspired by Ryan in some way.  Guys like Mike Boyle,Eric Cressey, Alwyn Cosgrove, Chris McCombs, Craig Ballantyne, and Nate Green are just a short list of the guys that pay him a huge debt of gratitude. In my case, I hardly had an email account before I heard Ryan’s call to begin embracing the web.  That sparked the learning that allowed me to finally go truly INDEPENDENT, not have to rely on a gym for […]

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NETWORKING for PERSONAL TRAINERS: The importance of networking and introducing the BIGGEST EVENT of the YEAR!

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Are you doing the same thing you were last year? If so, shame on you. That’s unacceptable in today’s age, and that’s even more true if you’re in fitness. Can I take a guess at the reason? It’s probably because you haven’t been hanging around enough people that challenge you, motivate you, and that you can learn from. That’s where professional networking comes in. All of this virtual, online stuff is weak compared to REAL-LIFE interaction with other people. I think it was Brian Tracy who said attending a conference has 30 times as much useful information as reading a book, but I think he was just scratching the surface. Because beyond the informational aspect of it, there’s the energy you get from being around other successful, like-minded people. This permanently CHANGES you – you can’t really estimate the value of that.

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