Michael: Hey. What’s up? This is Michael Duivis with Super-Trainer.com. I have a quick video for you on referrals. Now, we just had this weekend with Sam Bakhtiar and Chris McCombs did a presentation and he asked the audience which was about 60 people, “What’s your number one way of getting clients?” and there were 60 people in the audience. I would have to say like 9 or 10 people in the audience were boot camp owners or personal trainers.

The number one marketing strategy or the number one source of new leads was referrals and there were referrals, Groupon, all that stuff, email marketing; but by far, referrals was the number one but I think a lot of trainers still are a little bit skeptical about where to get referrals from. It’s like a lot of trainers think that referrals just either come or they don’t and you cannot really have any control over it. Well, it may be true that you don’t have any control over it but you can orchestrate them.

So, I want to show you real quick how I orchestrate my referrals because I get 99 percent – all of my leads from referrals. That’s just how it is. So the number one thing that actually works out really well is right here. If you focus on here, right here, this is where all my clients when they come in – can you see me?

Female Speaker: Yes.

Michael: Yes. When they come in, they put their stuff away, whatever, their water bottles in these boxes. Now when you – can you see the banner? All right. When they come here, this is where they always get water breaks. I have this big banner and it says, “Did you know that for every referral you bring in, you get free boot camp? And it’s easy. Here’s what you do. Check-in on Facebook.” That’s one. Two is take our plastic gift cards and hand them out to as many people as you like. And then three, donate your plastic gift cards to your local charity so they can sell them to raise money.

Here’s what I did though. If you could come over here. I put – if you go to Office Max, Office Depot, you can get these business card holders and they’re just plastic. They’re like $2 each. What you do is you get business card holders and you get a double-sided tape. Double-sided tape, you hang them on to – or stick them on to your wall. Get the plastic gift cards. Put them all in here.

It happens very often that they come to a boot camp and like a lot of these pockets are empty because people are just grabbing them because they’re constantly being reminded to get free boot camp because if you’re training boot camps – if you’re watching this blog, you probably do train boot camps. I don’t like to always after class remind people like hey, for every referral, you get half off of next month. If it’s coming from you, it’s good but I don’t want to constantly be saying these. It’s a good way to say it on autopilot. So I have one right here. I have another rack right there.

One more thing I do is that as they put their water away at this banner – I think you got to walk in a little bit. Can you see this banner? All right. So we have this right here. “Stop! Did you check-in yet? Here’s what happens when you check-in at Straight-up Fitness on Facebook.” Facebook, cool picture. You can win cool prizes like T-shirts, movie tickets, gift cards. So we’re going to do like every 30 check-ins, they get a T-shirt, movie ticket, whatever.

Two, you can earn a free boot camp when your friends come in because this is a great way to make referrals and three, they’re showing your friends you’re a rock star.

Now for these banners, I go to www.BannerBuzz.com, B-U-Z-Z, www.BannerBuzz.com, super cheap. This one right here is 10 by 8. This one right here is like three by one or something like that. So I would say that’s the number one way I always get referrals.

OK. So you just saw my referral banners and my referral plastic gift cards so that’s one and two. Three is point of sale. When you sign somebody up, mention that they get half off of next month. Of course it’s very common sense but it’s huge. It’s very effective because the first two, three weeks, people are most excited about your program. Ask your referrals then.

And four is when they sign up with our boot camp, they get a success journal and the success journal is just with new plans, nutrition stuff, workouts, just to keep them motivated and just consistent with the program. Now I printed this out. I enlarged it because I want to show you guys that this is our success journal. This is what it looks like and on the front side of the success journal, I added into the graphic this little sticker. It looks like a sticker and it says right here, “Success Journal. Warning, do not open this journal before listening to this 24-hour free recorded message on how you can get free boot camp.” Call this number.

And the number is just a free recorded message. It’s like one, two minutes. It just talks about how you can get half off your next month for every referral you bring in. So it’s just a force multiplier. That’s four and then we also do mass texts. Every month, send a mass text out once a month. We’re just reminding them about referrals.

Now what I found that works best though with mass texting is don’t just do it with offers. Be humorous as well. Like every Sunday or every Monday or Tuesday, send out something that’s actual. If it’s raining, send out something like, “Hey guys, if you have a car that has a roof, you have no excuse not to go to boot camp. I will see you tomorrow,” something like that. Keep that relationship going via text, email and phone call so they have nowhere to go.

So you have three content texts or just relationship texts and they have one asking for referrals text. So yes, that. And then of course we have the referral contest and we have a million more ways about asking for referrals and orchestrating them but I think for me personally, those banners are working really well and I like it because it’s giving me referrals without me even being here. It’s just something that’s kind of automatic.

So I hope you guys liked it. If you guys are still watching this video, thank you so much for watching because I know you’re getting 10 million emails per day with 10 million blog posts that you’re supposed to read. So thank you so much for watching. Leave a comment below and have an awesome day.[/spoiler]