Sam Bakhtiar: What’s up, Nathaniel?

Nate Dillworth: What’s going on? What’s going on?

Sam Bakhtiar: What’s going on, man? I got my man Nate who visited me from San Antonio, Texas. We’re over here hanging out on a beautiful Saturday in Chino Hills, California and guess where I brought Nathaniel out. Remember this spot? The 24 Hour Fitness? Remember that? So Nate, what do you see right now?

Nate Dillworth: Well, I actually see a lot of people that are trying to get in shape for about $1 to $5 per session.

Sam Bakhtiar: There’s that Saturday boot camp.

Nate Dillworth: Right.

Sam Bakhtiar: Yeah. So, stand right there so I can get you right there. Now, I see behind you there’s a bunch of people going to boot camp. You were telling me like your higher end programs are doing a lot better than your boot camp programs right now. Tell me a little bit about that.

Nate Dillworth: Well, right now, there has been a transition. I believe people, they’re starting to understand what they’re paying for and they’re wanting more out of the program. So don’t get me wrong. I’m doing well with my boot camp but still I’m doing a lot more with my higher end programs and that’s because people know value and that’s what they want and people understand what they’re buying when they come in.

So they know what a $50 boot camp or a $100 boot camp is and that’s what they expect no matter what you’re trying to give them at all. So here’s the deal. I would say the focus, if you’re going to still do boot camp, is to try to get to a boot camp where you charge more and you’re going to have to give more of course. But you charge more or just basically transition that boot camp into something that would be of value to the person that you get and they would totally get that concept.

Sam Bakhtiar: Got it, got it. Now what’s the difference between a boot camp class and a boot camp session?

Nate Dillworth: Well, in concept, when people think classes, they think of the gym.

Sam Bakhtiar: Right.

Nate Dillworth: When you think boot camp session, they think of military or they think of hard or whatever they may be thinking. But there’s a separation between the two in my opinion. When they go and they see something like this, they think that sometimes that their boot camp is just like this and I guarantee you my boot camp is not like this because they’re not getting everything in there although they may say that or they may think that. No.

Sam Bakhtiar: All right. Well, I got my man Nate visit me today for a Saturday. We’re hanging out, doing some brainstorming about some business and again, I had to bring him over here and show him what time it is. Here is your $49 a year boot camp right there. Here’s what you’re competing against, 24 Hour Fitness. Your boy Seven-Figure Sam, peace out.