Over Deliver to Your Personal Training Clients on Super-Trainer.com Fitness MarketingOver deliver is business as usual in my book. It is second nature to me to give clients more than they expect. I’m telling you now; it’s a lot easier than it sounds. It may sound like some mysterious, expensive proposition that will cut into your time, your resources, and your bottom line. Don’t worry. It doesn’t. It only enhances all that and more. It is surprisingly simple to over deliver to your personal training clients. One word of warning. Each and every method and means of over delivering must include some type of relationship. If it is done without relationship, it has little value. If it has little value, there is no “over deliver”. I’ll show you what I mean.


Let me share a mere 32 ways with you…there are hundreds…here are some of the ways I over deliver…Remember…it’s the little things that count….


Over Deliver to Your Personal Training Clients on Super-Trainer.com Fitness Marketing1. Smile. Always the welcome and encouraging smile. Who wants to deal with a sourpuss?

2. Use their name. Say their name. That’s a big one. Use it like they are your best friend.

3. Bring them their water. Refill their glass before they want it.

4. Introduce them to someone else like they are your best friend.

5. Use their testimonial on your website.

6. Mention their achievements in your next local media interview (with their permission)

7. Tell them specifically what they have achieved and let them know that you are proud of them – you know how much effort they put in to achieving that.

8. Explain how you can help their kid gain confidence against the bully with your exercise program.

Over Deliver to Your Personal Training Clients on Super-Trainer.com Fitness Marketing9. T-shirt. Or other apparel. Something they can be proud to wear, that makes them one of “us” at this gym.

10. Pedometer. Something useful and functional that will help directly with their program and their wellness lifestyle.

11. Do a cross promotion with a local shoe store and give them a huge discount coupon from that store.

13. Listen. They want you to know them. They want to know that you know them. 14. Care. If they are in the midst of turmoil, let them know that you care. If a spouse dies, go to the funeral.

15. Relate to them. Be a real person, not a machine.

16. Wink at them. Acknowledge that extra effort your client put in.

17. Client Handouts in areas they are interested in.

18. Talk with their doctor. If they are special populations, let them know when they are on track w/doctors knowledge.

19. Research study. Share with them the latest findings in whatever area you are working with them on.

20. Share with them a new recipe or flavor combination (i.e.: honey and cinnamon on toast)

21. Show them something special – specific exercises or stretches geared toward low back pain, easier sleep, etc.

22. Offer to go to their kid’s school for show and tell or to speak and demo.

23. Offer to do a lunch and learn for their church or social group – you just may get some new clients in the process.

24. Ask them specifically if there is anything you can do for them.

Over Deliver to Your Personal Training Clients on Super-Trainer.com Fitness Marketing25. Remember their birthday. Or their anniversary of working with you.

26. Give them a flower on Mother’s Day (during that week) or Bosses Day (explaining that you work for them)

27. Give them a brochure or newspaper article to a place in their field of interest that they may not be aware of.

28. Celebrate with them – write a congratulations note on a banana (clean yellow skin, use a pen lightly) and present it to them.

Over Deliver to Your Personal Training Clients on Super-Trainer.com Fitness Marketing29. Surprise them with a chair massage.

30. Create a poster or sign that recognizes the personal best or achievement – the names of the achievers

31. Have their name embroidered on one of your shirts or sweatshirts

32. When they achieve the dress size they wanted to get to – cross promote with a popular clothing store and give them a discount coupon.

Some factors you need to know. Your time, your knowledge, your skills, your words, your answers, all have value to a client – if you are a professional.    They know how much they are paying, they assume they know how you treat a regular client, and they know how you treat them. You must also know your own value. Treat your over delivery with the care and consideration it deserves. If you are flip about it, they will sense that too, and it will have little value.

About value. There is real value, and there is perceived value. When you are booked up and running back to back appointments and your client knows it, those few extra minutes really mean a lot to them. Even if you finished your program with them 2 minutes earlier and took those two minutes to spend with them, listening and answering questions, they will perceive it as quality time with you and will feel they got more than they paid for.

That feeling of getting more than they paid for is the result of “over deliver” to your personal training clients. When you over deliver, you build excellent clients who are free with referrals and testimonials – the elements you need to grow your business. They become welcome clients, the ones you look forward to working with. And the foundation of it all? Relationships.

Now, that’s not so difficult, is it? You probably over deliver every day and just didn’t know it. Now you’ve got some more ideas on how to over deliver. I’d love to hear some of your ideas.




The “Classy” Greg Justice
American Association of Personal Trainers