What I Learned From Joe Polish and Brendon Burchard

What I Learned From Joe Polish and Brendon Burchard

Posted on 04. May, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

Joe is not only brilliant but also a SUPER COOL human being

I just love flying cuz that’s when I catch up on my reading. Last week on the way to Dan Kennedy’s event  I was reading Brendon Burchard’s excellent book titled  “The Millionaire Messenger”. By the way it gets my highest recommendation.

All of a sudden I looked up and saw Joe Polish and his staff sitting right next to me.  Side Note:  Joe’s staff consists of two very beautiful ladies. Joe I’m not mad at you at ALL)

I had a pleasure of meeting Joe last year at Bedros’s FBS and I can tell you that he is an absolutely brilliant marketer and he is SUPER down to earth. Joe is a  consultant to the the best entrepreneurs in the world including Bill Phillips, Richard Branson, and many many more.

Brendon’s Book Gets My Highest Recommendation

Joe saw that I was reading Brendon Burchard’s book and he casually mentioned that Brendon is also a member of his elite 25K mastermind group.

Before I go any further I will tell you that Brendon Burchard is also a very successful, brilliant and a top notch entrepreneur himself.

However, a few days before the flight I got a very mediocre direct mail piece from Brendon and I couldn’t resist to share it with Joe.

Well, let’s just say that if I can see things wrong with it then you know Joe picked it apart.

Here is a quick video about it……

[youtube KFmY7VmzY_0]

You can learn more about Joe Polish and his upcoming event (that I signed up for on the plane) at www.ILoveMarketingEvent.Com (not an affiliate link) and be sure to tell Victoria I said hi ;)

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04. May, 2011

Next time Sam, you should make another video taking that mail piece apart. I would love to hear how he could have made that mail piece better.
Chris McCombs actually got me to buy Bruchard’s book and I just got done reading it. Very good read.

Greg Justice

05. May, 2011

Note to self…Pick up “Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Bruchard.

Thanks for the recommendation!


05. May, 2011


Great video and post! Thanks for sharing. That’s why I ran my direct mail piece by you and some others before mailing out.

I got Brendon’s book when he was giving away 1,000 review copies. Great book!

Thanks for all your help and advice.



05. May, 2011

To tell you the truth Joe Polish in 20 seconds ripped it a part so fast that I was only able to catch 2-3 things on the inside. He is a student of Gary Halbert one of the best if not the best copy writer of all time.

@Greg: Yes Greg, it’s a great book. I still need to talk to you more about corporate boot camps. Finally hired two full time assistants so things should slow down a bit for me ;)

@Jeff: I can’t wait to test out your direct mail piece and the offline arbitrage method. Love your out of the box ideas.

John Thompson

05. May, 2011

Great post. Thanks for the recommendation Sam. I’ll be sure to pick that up.

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