Joe is not only brilliant but also a SUPER COOL human being

I just love flying cuz that’s when I catch up on my reading. Last week on the way to Dan Kennedy’s event  I was reading Brendon Burchard’s excellent book titled  “The Millionaire Messenger”. By the way it gets my highest recommendation.

All of a sudden I looked up and saw Joe Polish and his staff sitting right next to me.  Side Note:  Joe’s staff consists of two very beautiful ladies. Joe I’m not mad at you at ALL)

I had a pleasure of meeting Joe last year at Bedros’s FBS and I can tell you that he is an absolutely brilliant marketer and he is SUPER down to earth. Joe is a  consultant to the the best entrepreneurs in the world including Bill Phillips, Richard Branson, and many many more.

Brendon’s Book Gets My Highest Recommendation

Joe saw that I was reading Brendon Burchard’s book and he casually mentioned that Brendon is also a member of his elite 25K mastermind group.

Before I go any further I will tell you that Brendon Burchard is also a very successful, brilliant and a top notch entrepreneur himself.

However, a few days before the flight I got a very mediocre direct mail piece from Brendon and I couldn’t resist to share it with Joe.

Well, let’s just say that if I can see things wrong with it then you know Joe picked it apart.

Here is a quick video about it……

[youtube KFmY7VmzY_0]

You can learn more about Joe Polish and his upcoming event (that I signed up for on the plane) at www.ILoveMarketingEvent.Com (not an affiliate link) and be sure to tell Victoria I said hi ;)

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