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this-is-50Normally, we’d say if a trainer had only one client, she or he wasn’t doing too good …

But I talked to a trainer recently that you could describe exactly like that, with just one client, who’s at the top of his game

That man was Jay Cardiello, the private, live-in trainer to 50 Cent

If that doesn’t sound like the strangest, most exciting, challenging, stressful, and maybe even dangerous training situation you’ve heard about on this blog or anywhere else, I don’t know what is …

Ha! But before you go looking for a gig like this yourself, pay attention to what Jay has to say about it –

Because there was a lot of dues-paying beforehand, and a lot of work that goes into it now.  Believe that Jay sacrifices plenty for this challenging and rewarding work arrangement.

And by challenging, you just have to understand what’s riding on Jay’s shoulders – he’s responsible for a major part of  the image of one of the most marketable stars in the world today.

As you could imagine, I had to find out everything about what Jay’s up to, and he was extremely open in talking about his unique situation –

Jay rarely does interviews  so this is a real exclusive you won’t want to miss:

As you probably got to understand from listening to him, Jay’s an extremely cool guy.  Just like he said at the end of the interview, he welcomes you to contact him with any questions you might have (but hey, don’t go bothering him for autographed pictures or anything!).

Woah!  There’s a lot of ways to do this personal training thing isn’t there?   It never ceases to amaze me!


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05. Apr, 2009

The description of 50 Cent’s lifestyle is very inspiring. I doubt anybody thinks that such level of media and business success is a result of luck alone. He just hustles. Of course, people might say that he does it because the reward is big enough.

But which comes first – the reward or the hustling?

Well, I think it’s a case of preparation meeting opportunity. As for Jay’s story – it’s eye opening. Thanks for bringing him on, Kaiser.


Doug G.

05. Apr, 2009

Sweet interview – I keep getting more impressed by the quality and variety of people you’re bringing to the table, Kaiser.

Ya Yavor, I used to think of big stars like 50 or even trainers like Jay were just lucky – but that’s wrong. They got to where they are for a reason – hustle, hard work, talent, networking, persistence, all that stuff.

And thanks for sharing, Jay – Was cool to hear your story and how you got where you are now.

Keep it coming, Kaiser, maybe you can get Madonna’s trainer on here next :))

Michael Duivis

05. Apr, 2009

Awesome interview man. Training 50 Cent would seem appealing to any Trainer.

Hey I checked Jay’s website and it looks CLEAN, really nice. With his clients he can definitely get away with a corporate look like that.

That should be something ALL trainers would want to work themselves up to.


06. Apr, 2009

I enjoy hearing about celeb trainers and their experiences. It puts alot into perspective, especially towards trainers that think they would want to be a celeb trainer. In my mind, I make my own clients themselves feel as if they were celebs. Treat them like that and like Kaiser has said before, you can make an extremely good living training normal everyday people. If you make them feel special, you’ll be booked for sure and probably have a high paying stable of clientel.
Be a “Top Level” Trainer and hustle your a** off and you’ll make the lifestyle you’ll want. Jay’s definately a hustler and he’s got the clients to prove that! Good stuff! I enjoyed it!
Great Interview Kaiser! Keep “Getting It In” as 50 would say


06. Apr, 2009

Thanks for the eye opening interview, Kaiser!

It’s really amazing what Jay Cardiello and 50 go through in order to make sure that 50 is in tip top shape and has a strong immune system to keep up with the entertainment lifestyle.

I liked hearing that Jay did what he needed to do while starting his career in order to get the invaluable experience he felt was necessary, even though it didn’t pay him in the short term financially. And that he feels that the lessons he has learned and is still learning on the road are invaluable. From this interview it seems apparent that this man has got a great out-look and personality and I think this must be one of the reasons he is doing so well, aside from his talent for fitness.

His diligence and perseverance sure is paying off now.

Hey Kaiser! Definitely and great interview which really clarifies what Celebrity Trainers go through. I had a taste of that lifestyle years ago traveling around the US with D.Chopra and T Robbins. I lasted 1 year before I threw in the towel. Living in Hotels and living somebody elses life greatly depreciates your personal and social life. Forget having a family. My hats off to Jay for hanging in with 50 for 3 years now!
Keep up the great work and don’t get too close the the buzzards in the banners to the right of this post. Dr. House says ya know what I mean!


08. Apr, 2009

Ha – some excellent comments here! – glad everyone got so much out of the interview – it’s just such a unique training environment that it’s hard not to get totally engrossed in it – I’m glad Jay was so open and shared so much info –

Yeah, it has it’s good and it’s bad, but like Jay said, it’s a unique learning experience – you’re getting to learn from the best –

Look at Mark Jenkins, Puff’s trainer – a lot rubbed off on him and he turned into quite a good businessman –


01. Sep, 2009

i wonder what he charges 50 per session? I like to know what celeb trainers charge.

[…] gotten to know two people that are extremely close to 50, his live-in trainer Jay Cardiello, and his band member Tony Yayo, who lived in my condo in Queens for a while, and both back up […]


19. Oct, 2010

This really shows the possibilities as a trainer…I like the interview.

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