If You Build It, They Will Come

Posted on 17. May, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

This is a post by my very good friend Leanne “Femme Fatale” Ellington. Leanne is a good friend and a serious entreprenuer. Her boot camp in Orlando brings in multiple six figures while she travels all across the world. Okay here is Leanne…


Sako Yakinian

17. May, 2011

Awesome tip Leanne! I will be creating this asap, I love it!

Thanks for the idea :)


17. May, 2011

Hey Leanne. Great tip. I love the way you are creating value for your clients. Great approach to building that Tribe. Looking forward to implementing it.
PS – I think you should throw in a green smoothie smoothie for all members that get on board and it will increase your numbers, LOL. (J/K) Thanks again


17. May, 2011

Great idea! I’m starting one today. Thanks

Greg Justice

17. May, 2011

Two thumbs up! Well done, Leanne.


18. May, 2011

Thanks Leanne, I’ve just started trying to get my clients more active on Facebook. It’s more used ofr socialising here in Australia.
I think the seperate profile is a great idea, that way I don’t feel strange adding clients I’ve only just met to my personal profile.
Thanks again!

Georgette Pann

18. May, 2011

Thanks Leanne! good idea


18. May, 2011

Great idea, Leanne.

Do you invite everyone when they come to your boot camp including trials and new campers? I ask because I’m wondering what you do if someone doesn’t continue.

Would you allow them to stay a group member so they, hopefully, see what they’re missing and want to come back? Or, would you “uninvite” them since the group is for active boot campers?

Since you just started your secret group, I’m sure this hasn’t come up yet but I was wondering what your thoughts were.

I’d be curious what others think, too.

Alejandra Font

18. May, 2011

I love it…awesome idea. Thanks so much for sharing.


18. May, 2011

Awesome Leanne! Great tips. I’m constantly learning from you!

Love the private group page! Great idea.

Leanne Ellington

18. May, 2011

Thanks guys, glad you like the concept. It’s working like gangbusters for building that tribe.

@Armando– I think that’s a great idea. Is that your version of “drinking the Kool-Aid?” haha

@Micky- my admin invites only people that have registered for my program and are current paying members (it’s part of the series of steps in my after-registration system). Then she removes those from the group that are no longer paying members. I position it as a benefit of being part of the program.

Shaun Hadsall

18. May, 2011

Great Stuff Leanne…just getting my boot camp going so this was VERY helpful. Thanks for sharing!


18. May, 2011

Great info Leanne as always. I expected nothing less. Your first post on Super-Trainer was so awesome that now we expect all of them to be this good. No pressure ;)

Great tip Leanne! I’m gonna do this! Do you also have a fanpage as well? If so How do you differentiate the content between the two?


21. May, 2011

Great idea. I love the VIP aspect.

Very cool,


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