Honey Badger Don’t Give a S***

Honey Badger Don’t Give a S***

Posted on 11. May, 2011 by in Fitness Business, Fitness Marketing Systems

This is a guest blog post by my main man Jonas “4 hour work week” Deffes. Jonas is the only fitness entrepreneur that I know of that works less than Tim Ferris. He is just a great all around stand up guy.

Here is Jonas…..

Hey guys.. I recently came across one of the most bad ass you tube videos..

It’s about a Animal called the Honey Badger… You see Honey badgers just don’t give a shit! They Do whatever they want! And People absolutely LOVE the Honey Badger for this!

So how does this relate to us in the fitness industry.. Well… Let me tell you.

If anyone Reading this knows me personally, they know I don’t give a shit what other people think about me or how I run my business.

-I don’t follow the rules.
-I dress how I want
-I act how i want
-I have the stupidest haircuts. (Sometimes I even have Rat Tails)
-I wear offensive shirts
-I work when i want.

I don’t do this on purpose…It’s just me!

And you know what?? It doesn’t effect my business not one bit in a negative way.

Why?? Because people can tell when it comes to my services I’m a total Honey Badger!

You see, nobody really cares How you look!

All they really care about what you can do for them.

Can you help them lose weight? Yes!
Can you help them get healthy? Yes!
Can you help them Get back into those Skinny jeans? Yes!
Can you help them look good for the wedding? Yes!
Can you bring Value to their life? YES!

So what does this mean?

Be a HONEY BADGER in your life and Business!

It will make life more enjoyable and your business more successful

By the way…If you be your true self …then ALL competition will have the hardest time trying to compete with you!

Jonas, Fitness Entrepreneur



11. May, 2011

Jonas defies all the “standard” ways of running a boot camp, goes against the grain, and is an absolute and utter success. He trains over 100 women at a time. I wanna be like you when I grow up Jonas =)

Erick Ruiz Salgado

11. May, 2011

Great post. In business most people feel you have to try and please everyone but in reality, you need to be yourself. People can tell when you are trying to be something you are not and it makes them uneasy… and less likely to trust you. Keep it real!

Erik R

11. May, 2011

I definitely agree that Jonas does things totally different from almost everyone else when it comes to his business.
He is the honey badger of the fitness industry.

Jonas – your right on when you say it’s all about being yourself. Rock on brother!


11. May, 2011

LOL I knew you would have something about Honey Badgers. Jonas is the only person I know that can get over 100 women to workout at 530am every morning. Great post bro!

Alice Grant

11. May, 2011

You sait it right that being true to yourself is the best way of being cool. That is why for me Jonas “4 hour work week” Deffes is the coolest guy I’ve ever known.


11. May, 2011

Everything Jonas says is true… Be yourself. As long as you deliver the goods, nothing else really matters. And even if it did it still wouldn’t matter because “Honey Badger’s don’t give a shit they just take what they want!”


11. May, 2011

Awesome post Jonas….I knew when I saw you riding a unicycle around the parking lot things were going to be interesting. You have always done things your own way and your hard work has paid off. You have defintely escaped the rat race. Here’s to the Honey Badger !


13. May, 2011

I most definitely like your ways Jonas. You stand up for what you believe in and I find it so admirable. So just continue being yourself and I’ll be supporting you all the way!


13. May, 2011

Two thumbs up for the Honey Badger! I have to agree with you that we have to keep it real and be our own selves. We don’t have to pretend someone just to be noticed. Best regards Jonas!


13. May, 2011

Noone does it better like Jonas! I mean, most people I know have to make a facade just to be successful in their business. It all ends up with one single thought: “does anyone care enough to even pause for a while and look in the mirror and say, I’m a total mess, better fix myself to please the crowd”. Well the just take another look at the Honey Badger and you’ll find the answer.


13. May, 2011

Give it up for the amazing Honey Badger! Being in the fitness industry sure is a very tough job, so why make it much harder if you put more pressure on yourself. Keeping it real and simple always do the trick, then success follows.


13. May, 2011

I have to agree with Jonas here. I think that the world would be a better place if we don’t always aim to satisfy others by means of “not being ourselves”. I just love your ideas and standards.


13. May, 2011

I believe in what you imparted here Jonas. No wonder you were listed as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs fo this industry, by simply being “you”. This truly indicates that it contributed mainly to your achievement. Keep it up!


13. May, 2011

I must admit that I love your hairstyles. Seriously it implies that you play by your own rules but never neglects to deliver. Now that is one good son of a Honey Badger!


13. May, 2011

Love it all the way. This post of yours is really striking! I better reconsider on being the real me. Hope I can be successful as you are Jonas.


13. May, 2011

Sweet! This is a very great post. I’m hooked up in reading this and even spilled my coffee on my shirt. Anyway, I am an avid fan and will always be.


13. May, 2011

Fantastic article you have here. I really have to say that you have your own way of making a well-known statement in the fitness industry. Which makes me feel so inspired by your ways of course. Thanks Jonas!


13. May, 2011

The Honey Badger is a replica of your amazing ways. I sincerely do hope for your continued success through helping others change their lives for the better. I love this post to bits.


13. May, 2011

I’m actually like a Honey Badger myself. I don’t care people say or do. I don’t let them bring me down. I am amazed by your prowess Jonas in all aspects!


13. May, 2011

I won’t let anyone knock me down for being true to myself. Put your hands up for the Honey Badger! Terrific post Jonas, stay cool!


13. May, 2011

It never surprised me that Jonas has attained so much. Needless to say, it’s because of his exceptional approach. I gotta say that I’m with you all the way!


13. May, 2011

Jonas I do love your ways! It only shows that you are proud to express yourself and thus giving you such marvelous results but still you keep your feet on the ground. You are indeed worthy of such triumph!


13. May, 2011

My God Jonas you are one popular fellow. Glad to have you as a part of Super-Trainer team


14. May, 2011

I love this guy! In fact I even made him as my “icon”. He’s more to a living legend to me. You got me behind your back buddy!


14. May, 2011

I just have to tell you guys how happy I am that Jonas is a one successful man. I may not know him personally but all I can say is that he shows his true colors making him beautiful inside and out. Not to mention the success he got from it.


14. May, 2011

I do admire your courage of being loud and real. Being on top and stay there must be really tough but I got to say you sure are something that all of us can look upon. Best regards Jonas!


14. May, 2011

You got that right! Jonas sure knows how to play by his rules and win the game. He is totally cool and I wish I could be just like him someday. With the looks, I am now, with his achievements, that will come shortly once I follow his ways.


14. May, 2011

I know that I can become like Jonas someday! The super cool hairstyles that make him stand out of the crowd inspires me to become someone in life. I’ll follow your every footstep to success.


14. May, 2011

I don’t have to look any further if I want to see “genuine success”. You sure got it in you Jonas. You never get derailed by anyone and I commend you for that.


14. May, 2011

This is one tough guy who knows what he’s doing and definitely knows where he’s headed at. Honey badger attitude is one way of keeping up with the Joneses! (I love that statement!). I always hope for your continuous success in life dude!

Sako Yakinian

17. May, 2011

Awesome post bro! I definitely want to be like Jonas when I grow up. He isn’t exaggerating either about how he is and what he does, I met him at a mastermind and the dude as definitely a honey badger!

Thanks for tips and also for helping me wtih the bizJonas, keep killing it dude!

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