This is a guest blog post by my main man Jonas “4 hour work week” Deffes. Jonas is the only fitness entrepreneur that I know of that works less than Tim Ferris. He is just a great all around stand up guy.

Here is Jonas…..

Hey guys.. I recently came across one of the most bad ass you tube videos..

It’s about a Animal called the Honey Badger… You see Honey badgers just don’t give a shit! They Do whatever they want! And People absolutely LOVE the Honey Badger for this!

So how does this relate to us in the fitness industry.. Well… Let me tell you.

If anyone Reading this knows me personally, they know I don’t give a shit what other people think about me or how I run my business.

-I don’t follow the rules.
-I dress how I want
-I act how i want
-I have the stupidest haircuts. (Sometimes I even have Rat Tails)
-I wear offensive shirts
-I work when i want.

I don’t do this on purpose…It’s just me!

And you know what?? It doesn’t effect my business not one bit in a negative way.

Why?? Because people can tell when it comes to my services I’m a total Honey Badger!

You see, nobody really cares How you look!

All they really care about what you can do for them.

Can you help them lose weight? Yes!
Can you help them get healthy? Yes!
Can you help them Get back into those Skinny jeans? Yes!
Can you help them look good for the wedding? Yes!
Can you bring Value to their life? YES!

So what does this mean?

Be a HONEY BADGER in your life and Business!

It will make life more enjoyable and your business more successful

By the way…If you be your true self …then ALL competition will have the hardest time trying to compete with you!

Jonas, Fitness Entrepreneur