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When I started coaching with you last October I had just moved into my stand alone Boot Camp Studio. I was grossing $9,000 in EFT per month before I moved into the studio. I had a bunch of my clients pay in full for the year to pay for the build out and that brought my EFT down to $6,000 per month. In January 2011 my EFT was $11,000 and my total overhead was $6,000 (payroll, rent, utilities, marketing, everything). I have only taught 1hr of boot camp in all of 2011 by the way. Currently in October 2011 I just expanded my boot camp to 3,000 sq ft (Paid in cash $45,000 for the build out) (funded from one Groupon promo). My current EFT is $22,000 a month and my new overhead is $11,000 (I have 3 trainers, 1 assistant, and 1 intern working for me). I spend about $3,000 a month on masterminds, conferences, online marketing programs and travel expenses. I am giving myself a  $6,000 paycheck and keep $2,000 in my business. My Goal back in January was to gross 30K a month by the end of the year. I sent you the outline of how I am going to get there. I am pretty confident I can pull it off. Thanks for all your help.

  • Re-launch my “Help Get Baltimore out of the Top 10 Fattest Cities” campaign.
    • E-mail contact at Fox 45 to get on the morning show
    • Send out press release
    • Create Custom Fan Page With Opt in and run FB ads
    • Send e-mail to my list and 4,000 person direct mail lists.
    • Goal is 10 New Clients at $197 ($2,000 per month)


  • E-mail my list about starting 2 new times
    • Offer discount for first 20 to join each new time slot only
      • $97 per month ($4,000 per month total)


  • Reactivate Old Clients at 50% Discount
    • Offer First month back at $47 (November) and every month after at $97 (December)
      • Goal is to get 20 clients back ($2,000 per month)



  • 10 New Members from Mission Campaign at $197 Per month
    • Total $,2000 per month
    • 40 members For New Time Slots at $97 Per month
      • Total $4,000 per month
      • 20 Members at $97 Per Month
        • Total $2,000 Per Month
        • Plus Current EFT of $22,000


Grand Total of $30,000 Per Month!!!!


Jeff Sherman


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AJ Mihrzad

30. Oct, 2011

Very Impressive Jeff…Major props to you for reaching your goal


31. Oct, 2011

Thanks Aj,

I didn’t know this was going to be a blog post or I would or written it for everyone with more tips. This was my last coaching email to Sam. It wasn’t meant to show my numbers, but to show how to reverse engineer you goals to make them more manageable to reach.


Callie Durbrow

31. Oct, 2011

Great stuff Jeff, I love the breakdown and you’re so right, it’s all about reverse engineering. Good luck with everything and I can’t wait to hear about it in a few weeks in S.D!


31. Oct, 2011

hey Jeff,

super helpful, This comes at a perfect time.

Thank you and congratulation for hitting 30K.

My goals is to finish at 10k. but I’m few years behind you.


22. Nov, 2011

Love your work! Inspiring

7Figure Sam

23. Nov, 2011

Thanks Michael, appreciate it

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