When I started coaching with you last October I had just moved into my stand alone Boot Camp Studio. I was grossing $9,000 in EFT per month before I moved into the studio. I had a bunch of my clients pay in full for the year to pay for the build out and that brought my EFT down to $6,000 per month. In January 2011 my EFT was $11,000 and my total overhead was $6,000 (payroll, rent, utilities, marketing, everything). I have only taught 1hr of boot camp in all of 2011 by the way. Currently in October 2011 I just expanded my boot camp to 3,000 sq ft (Paid in cash $45,000 for the build out) (funded from one Groupon promo). My current EFT is $22,000 a month and my new overhead is $11,000 (I have 3 trainers, 1 assistant, and 1 intern working for me). I spend about $3,000 a month on masterminds, conferences, online marketing programs and travel expenses. I am giving myself a  $6,000 paycheck and keep $2,000 in my business. My Goal back in January was to gross 30K a month by the end of the year. I sent you the outline of how I am going to get there. I am pretty confident I can pull it off. Thanks for all your help.

  • Re-launch my “Help Get Baltimore out of the Top 10 Fattest Cities” campaign.
    • E-mail contact at Fox 45 to get on the morning show
    • Send out press release
    • Create Custom Fan Page With Opt in and run FB ads
    • Send e-mail to my list and 4,000 person direct mail lists.
    • Goal is 10 New Clients at $197 ($2,000 per month)


  • E-mail my list about starting 2 new times
    • Offer discount for first 20 to join each new time slot only
      • $97 per month ($4,000 per month total)


  • Reactivate Old Clients at 50% Discount
    • Offer First month back at $47 (November) and every month after at $97 (December)
      • Goal is to get 20 clients back ($2,000 per month)



  • 10 New Members from Mission Campaign at $197 Per month
    • Total $,2000 per month
    • 40 members For New Time Slots at $97 Per month
      • Total $4,000 per month
      • 20 Members at $97 Per Month
        • Total $2,000 Per Month
        • Plus Current EFT of $22,000


Grand Total of $30,000 Per Month!!!!


Jeff Sherman