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I was real happy from what I got out of my recent conversation with Jessica Storm – some bona fide, real-world, implementable training info. Getting straight talk like this in Personal Training isn’t always easy to find – that’s why you see so many Personal Trainers just running in circles for years on end, because you can’t always get candid info from people in the business really doing it (that by the way is what this blog is all about). Most of it comes from people looking to sell us products, or conferences looking to sell us tickets or systems. They’re full of good-sounding ideas, but they have little or no real-world application. Jessica isn’t involved in any of that kind of stuff – all she is through and through is a trainer. And in the process of creating her great small business she’s gone through a career progression to get there that a lot of us can probably relate to and definitely learn from.

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ERIC CRESSEY: THE GOLDEN BOY OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING – Eric Reveals The Foundations Behind His Meteoric Rise To The Top (listen to the dyanmite audio clips)

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It looks to me like everyone getting started in the fitness industry today, especially young guys, wants to get in the field of Strength and Conditioning. It must be the high-powered world of competitive athletics that makes it so appealing. Well if that’s the case the leader and role-model in this area is definitely Eric Cressey. Eric’s the version 2.0 of the sports and conditioning expert and entrepreneur. He has tremendous credentials, has published a book, trains high-level athletes, and has now opened his own major training facility. He’s really living the dream and setting the standard of what seems to be everyone’s ideal career path in fitness these days.

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JASON HADEED – REST IN PEACE – My Amazing Final Interview With The Tremendous Personal Trainer, Father, And Human Being (full audio – originally posted 2/20 – new video added).

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Last week we lost one of the best trainers in the country. Jason Hadeed of E.A.T.S. in Germantown Maryland was senselessly murdered in his apartment complex. His killer turned himself in to police an hour later. Jason leaves behind 2 children, the many people whose lives he’s improved through fitness, and the numerous others that he’s influenced by the human being he was. I had the chance to speak to Jason on January 18th in an interview for Super-Trainer. It may have been his last interview, and you can find it at the end of this post. Here is the introduction to this post which I’ve recorded recently, highlighting the important points from the interview:[youtube YkTCAmsRt9M nolink] Jason was an accomplished trainer and an even better man with a genuine interest and desire to help other people. I can’t claim to have known him personally, but I did follow his career – how could you not? As a professional fitness coach in the NFL, running E.A.T.S., working on the Olympic level, and holding his own series of training conferences, he was on the short list of the most experienced trainers in the country. But in the few times I had […]

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BILLY POLSON: HOUSING HOMELESS TRAINERS SINCE 2004!!! Billy talks training and how to KICK ASS doing it! (three dynamite audio clips)

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When you’re a Personal Trainer, venturing outside of the comfort zone of a home base is a little scary. That’s probably one of the reasons why more trainers don’t make the jump into starting their own practices – because they don’t have a solid place to train their clients out of. I got to talking to a trainer recently that’s solved that problem for the trainers in his city and built a tremendous business in the process: Billy Polson. Billy’s the co-owner of DIAKADI BODY, a serious training gym in San Francisco. Check out the virtual tour and you’ll notice that it’s a fully stocked and exquisitely designed place – a real trainer’s paradise. Incidentally, DIAKADI stands for Do It All, Kick Ass Doing Do It – not such a PC name which is what I love about it. From talking to Billy, I found out that not only his gym’s name but a lot of his approach to training breaks the mold of the usual mindset we see these days.

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IS PERSONAL TRAINING A REAL CAREER? EXHIBIT A: DAVE PARISE – Listen to my interview with Personal Trainer Dave Parise (plus video intro).

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When most kids grow up they dream of being doctors, lawyers, or even astronauts. If they only knew what being a Top-Level Trainer was like, they might change their minds! The truth is Personal Training doesn’t always get the respect it deserves as a real profession. While the public and media generally paint a really favorable image of this job, it’s within the industry that I see most of the apathy. Too many people look at it as just a hustle or a part-time job, not a real career track with tremendous potential and room for growth. For that reason I wanted to get a guest on here that would change all that. The first person that came to mind was Dave Parise, one of the consumate pros in this business with a long history of top flight training.

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