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PERSONAL TRAINERS BLOGGING FOR DOLLARS: PART 2 WITH EUGENE THONG – Full breakdown of the importance of blogging for trainers.

Posted on 03. Apr, 2008 by .


Just when you thought having a website was enough, things online have changed. Creating a static web-page where people come to get information isn’t enough anymore; you need to tell a story that people can connect with. But since you’re a living, growing human being, this story is constantly changing, and if you want to form a strong relationship with your customers, it’s one they’ll want to know about. This is where a blog comes in. With the Internet being about information, that’s precisely what your prospect is looking for when they’re searching for a trainer online. In order to be comfortable with you, they want to form a relationship before they even meet you. While in some ways your website can do that, it’s better to go even deeper. Often, the person that gives the visitor the most access and personal information is the one who’ll win the sale. That’ll be the person that formed the stronger relationship with the prospect, and the relationship is everything. What Is A Blog? Traditionally, a blog (short for web-log) was like an online diary, but consultants like us use it for a specific purpose: we transmit our knowledge, passion, philosophy, and values […]

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FINDING YODA: MY CONVERSATION WITH GUNNAR PETERSON – Talking to the man that got me serious about Personal Training (listen to the full audio).

Posted on 24. Mar, 2008 by .


It took almost three weeks of back and forth, speaking through assistants and balancing time-zones. I didn’t have any friends in common with the man, so it was a shot in the dark, but one day while sitting in a Starbucks, I got what I was looking for: my phone rang and the person on the other end said “Hello Kaiser, this is Gunnar Peterson!”. I know every single person reading this blog knows who I’m talking about; for all purposes, Gunnar’s the face of the Personal Training industry. He lives in a Hollywood Hills Mansion and is as much a celebrity as many of the stars he trains. Besides speaking to someone with such notoriety in this business, for me the thrill was even more significant: I was talking to the man who basically got me started and serious about Personal Training in the first place.

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STEP YOUR GAME UP! TALKING TO STEVE COTTER – The King of Kettlebells talks techniques and training (listen to our full audio).

Posted on 02. Mar, 2008 by .


Staying on top of your game in this business is very important. While doing some continuing ed recently, I found out one glaring weakness in my training arsenal – kettlebells. You see them in every gym and studio these days, and I have to admit that I knew little about their use and benefits. In doing some research into it, I learned about one of the front-runners in this field, who himself started as a Personal Trainer and is now the world’s leading educator on kettlebells: Steve Cotter. A lot of times in Personal Training, we see trainers with little technical knowledge or personal experience getting ahead on just personality and connections. But that’s not the case with Steve. He’s an example of someone that’s really paid his dues, first as a full contact fighting champion, and then earning his degree in kinesiology and as I mentioned, beginning his career as a Personal Trainer.

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WEB 101 FOR TRAINERS – YOUR TEACHER: SCOTT WHITE – Scott breaks down the web for Personal Trainers.

Posted on 11. Feb, 2008 by .


I know all of you at one time or another has typed the term “Personal Training” into Google out of curiosity. When you did, right there in the top ten results, along with Wikipedia and all the big training companies with huge advertising budgets, you surely saw Scott White’s gleaming bald head shining back at you. If you didn’t know, the web is the best way to get new clients (next to referrals) for every Personal Trainer. Even if you’re familiar with the web, marketing online is a completely different science. With his success at consistently getting top ten results nationally, Scott’s the undoubted master at it in this field. I wanted to get Scott on here to talk about how he does it and see if we could squeeze a few secrets out of him.

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MIKE BOYLE ON RUNNING A TRAINING BUSINESS – Find out how Mike does it (audio clip from our conversation).

Posted on 24. Jan, 2008 by .


Some trainers, even the most knowledgeable ones, often get too caught up in the training part of this profession. They think that just additional training knowledge will break them out of the ruts they’re suffering through in their careers. While noone will argue whether a strong background in training is a must, at some point you need to think critically about this as a business. You’ve got to think not only about your body of knowledge, but about your career as well, or you’re never going to have the type of lifestyle that should typify someone in the fitness industry. For me, the breakthrough came when thinking about my own personal image, positioning, and marketing. But on a much bigger scale, I recently got to pick the brain of a guy running not just a private practice, but what could be called a training empire touching nearly every area of Personal Training, Mike Boyle.

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