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centralAlthough I consider myself one of the hardest working guys in this business, I’ve been hanging-out and relaxing nearly all day in my old stomping grounds of ASTORIA QUEENS.

And hey, before you start laughing at the BRIDGE AND TUNNEL scene (this is the derogatory term NYC residents give to anything or anyone outside of Manhattan), let me tell you a little bit about ASTORIA.

If anyone is familiar with this part of New York, you know how strange this neighborhood is – there are 2-3 upscale bars and lounges on nearly every single block, always full of good looking people at nearly every hour of the day and night (does anyone work?) – I’ve been almost everywhere and haven’t seen anything like this neighborhood.

I actually passed out in the banquet of my favorite place, CENTRAL, for a couple of hours, but I had my shades on, and the owner is a former client of mine so it was all good.

Here’s why I was so wiped:

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Get Ahead In Fitness Marketing: The Art of Being A Hack

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From the hints I’ve been dropping, you know that I’ve been working on the new site for Super-Trainer

It’s coming along great and is going to set the industry on fire, just like the original Super-Trainer did almost two years ago –

Instead of being so shady, let me tell you a little bit about what to expect so you know what you’re looking at once it arrives ….

Til now, S-T has been a fun project for me …

It’s allowed me to stay in touch with everyone at every level of the fitness industry –

But the new site is going to be brand new, hi-tech, and have a new mission –

It will based on all of the feedback I’ve been getting from you about what your real needs and interests are.

It’s going to have some great services you’re going to love that will help you get to your goals more quickly and affordably – they won’t make me much money, but they will help you make serious progress in your fitness career.

In terms of an expected date of launch, I haven’t really set one yet – I’ve been doing a little bit every day with my designers and programmers and it should be ready soon.

One thing that’s been really speeding up the process is that I’ve been modeling the success of others – that’s what I wanted to talk about now –

Whenever we want results at something, we all tend to try to reinvent the wheel, but that’s a mistake ..

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