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It’s SUMMER and the weather’s been gorgeous here in New York, in case you were wondering why the posts have slowed down a bit … And that’s exactly what I want to talk about right now – because of all the great things this job and life can give you, here’s number one: THE FITNESS LIFESTYLE It’s time to bring this thing back to center – let’s talk about the aspect of training that shapes everything – YOUR LIFESTYLE. I’ve put together a FULL REPORT to get the subject started . Make absolutely no mistake about it – As you know I’ve had THE BIGGEST names in the industry on this BLOG; but were you paying attention to what they were saying? ALL of these Top-Level Trainers got where they are because they put Lifestyle first – their priority was creating a specialty, work-life, and business that worked for their life and personal goals. It was THAT focus that allowed them to grow into successes. That’s just common sense right? Of course it is, because if what you’re doing professionally doesn’t fit with the life you have in mind, how is it supposed to work?!?! And even if it does […]

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I was real happy from what I got out of my recent conversation with Jessica Storm – some bona fide, real-world, implementable training info. Getting straight talk like this in Personal Training isn’t always easy to find – that’s why you see so many Personal Trainers just running in circles for years on end, because you can’t always get candid info from people in the business really doing it (that by the way is what this blog is all about). Most of it comes from people looking to sell us products, or conferences looking to sell us tickets or systems. They’re full of good-sounding ideas, but they have little or no real-world application. Jessica isn’t involved in any of that kind of stuff – all she is through and through is a trainer. And in the process of creating her great small business she’s gone through a career progression to get there that a lot of us can probably relate to and definitely learn from.

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WELCOME TO HELL!!!! Personal Trainers Reveal Their HEALTH-CLUB HORROR STORIES!!!

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When we talk about training here on Super-Trainer, we’re talking about Independent Personal Training, which is one of the most amazing and rewarding situations you can ever get into. A real dream job if there ever was one .. What we’re absolutely, positively, not talking about is HEALTH-CLUB TRAINING!!!This is one of the worst situations you could be in, but unfortunately one that typifies the life of most Personal Trainers. It’ll sap your strength, eat away at your soul, eliminate your drive, and make you hate a profession that you thought would be fun and easy! No, I’m not kidding – it’s really that bad! So if you’re a trainer languishing in one of these situations this post is for you, ’cause your not alone!!! And it’s not just bad for trainers – clients too know that the trainers they’ll find in these situations aren’t always really fit to be practicing this profession at all. Savvy clients these days are staying out of the health-clubs and looking elsewhere. When looking for a trainer they now more often turn to the web or suggestions from friends to find them. This creates an interesting situation where not only is the work much […]

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Just Added to The Whistleblower Report: NEW 20-PAGE MARKETING SECTION!!! (if you can’t do it now you should just quit! – oh, and in case you forgot BOTH REPORTS ARE FREE!!!)

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Let’s spell it all out in one place, once and for all… That’s exactly what I just did – in a stream of consciousness I just crammed all the realest techniques into one more HARD-HITTING, 20-PAGE SPECIAL REPORT, and added it to the REPORT that was already setting the training world on fire!!! THE ALL NEW MARKETING BLUEPRINT Just added to The Whistleblower Report. Why? Because it wasn’t complete without it. You’ve now got the REAL BLUEPRINT to getting your independent training practice flying. And for those of you just checking in, The Whistleblower is COMPLETELY FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Click here to get it now. Marketing for Personal Trainers has always been a weird subject … Because after all, it’s not like you need hundreds of customers to earn six-figures – You only need about a dozen clients to get out on your own, have a career, and start really living your life – how hard could that be? Well, charging top rates, staying booked solid, and making the process automatic and self-perpetuating can be slightly harder than you think … If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see so many trainers getting straight-up shafted, and being denied the high-quality […]

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