Just Added to The Whistleblower Report: NEW 20-PAGE MARKETING SECTION!!! (if you can’t do it now you should just quit! – oh, and in case you forgot BOTH REPORTS ARE FREE!!!)

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Personal TrainingLet’s spell it all out in one place, once and for all…

That’s exactly what I just did – in a stream of consciousness I just crammed all the realest techniques into one more HARD-HITTING, 20-PAGE SPECIAL REPORT, and added it to the REPORT that was already setting the training world on fire!!!


Just added to The Whistleblower Report. Why? Because it wasn’t complete without it. You’ve now got the REAL BLUEPRINT to getting your independent training practice flying. And for those of you just checking in, The Whistleblower is COMPLETELY FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Click here to get it now.

Marketing for Personal Trainers has always been a weird subject …

Because after all, it’s not like you need hundreds of customers to earn six-figures – You only need about a dozen clients to get out on your own, have a career, and start really living your life – how hard could that be?

Well, charging top rates, staying booked solid, and making the process automatic and self-perpetuating can be slightly harder than you think …

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see so many trainers getting straight-up shafted, and being denied the high-quality life-style and ability to do the things they want –

I’ve now made it easy – these are all actual, field-tested techniques – not the key-board rhetoric and pie-in-the-sky BS that everyone else is spouting these days.

If you already have access to the report just LOG-IN –
If you don’t have it yet, GET IT NOW before all the spots are gone –

WOW! This REALLY sounds like a sales-letter – I think the problem is I’m a little too excited about the report, or that I’ve just read too many sales-letters!!! But rest assured there are no links in here for products to buy or any tricks like that – just 20 MORE pages of unadulterated content! (IMO, the sales-page and e-book era is dead – anything you read from me will always be free)

Then why am I giving all of this out for FREE??? First off, because I owed it to everyone after all the questions I got after the The Whistleblower Report. Secondly, it’s going to make me look like a friggin’ genius. And lastly, after this a lot of people are going to owe me some serious favors!!!

And I just like giving out value, so ENJOY – and be sure to share your FEEDBACK!

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lol I’ll be one of those people who owe you :)

I didn’t know where to comment on the latest newsletter so I’ll just do it here haha

I realize how mainstream personal training has gotten. I thought to myself when someone says “My trainer” it insinuates premium service, premium life.
I can honestly say I was more intimidated by the “get out on your own” thing before I started reading this site. And its funny because I’m certain I can find a good amount clients around here. As a new and upcoming trainer, I’m getting my hands on people that I know for that experience that I need to deal with people one on one but its clear to me that exuding confidence with the knowlege makes people feel that premium feeling they want from having a trainer.
Do you have anything on here for the newbies breaking into the field but are dealing with that unfamiliarity?

Here’s to you giving out free, valuable info! :-D Like I said – owe ya!


06. Jun, 2008

Thanks again. I have had a small studio in Great Neck, Long Island for 4 years now where I train private clients but have always half assed things because at the same time I was selling real estate in Manhattan. The money in real estate is INSANE but I never loved the work and always debated about which one I want to stick with. I finally decided TODAY that I am going 100% into training and doing it big. So I have to thank you for that. Anyway thanks man and god bless.


06. Jun, 2008

Hey Jemi – You’re supposed to keep that newsletter a secret, remember?!?! lol
Yeah, their will be a lot of info for the newbs – I just put together a foundations presentation that I want to record my voice over – at my current rate of completion on the posts, you can expect it around early ’09! Stay tuned and there’ll be a lot of great stuff –

And Gaby, appreciate the thanks – do I get a cut?


12. Jun, 2008

Considering I’m only 19, I realize there’s much that lies ahead for me. I have read your Whistleblower Report probably ten times over and each time I read it, it “fires me up” so to speak. I have always had a deep passion for fitness and it’s one of those things that leaves kids my age wondering why I “waste” my time studying and applying what I learn. I love helping people and that’s why I want into the business. Money aside, the biggest reason is how much I love building relationships and building bodies!

Now, my question is, how early is too early? I’m only a sophomore right now, with my major studies being General Business (I figured it’s all-around balanced and will help me understand business a little better for my future plans). Is it realistic to open a personal training business upon graduation or will I need a few more years after college in the health-club setting before doing this all myself?

This is my first year of “formal training” with a certification and I’m at 24 Hour Fitness, which is probably one of the worst health-clubs I could have chosen. I’ve training classmates, friends, and family with great results, but I’ve never really done it in a “formal” setting, you know?

By the way, I appreciate all of this! I can’t believe how information of this caliber can be free. It will definitely give me an edge over the sub-par trainers I’m working with. Now it’s time to give this Marketing Report a read!


02. Dec, 2015

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