Personal Trainer James BondIt’s SUMMER and the weather’s been gorgeous here in New York, in case you were wondering why the posts have slowed down a bit …

And that’s exactly what I want to talk about right now – because of all the great things this job and life can give you, here’s number one:


It’s time to bring this thing back to center – let’s talk about the aspect of training that shapes everything – YOUR LIFESTYLE. I’ve put together a FULL REPORT to get the subject started .

Make absolutely no mistake about it – As you know I’ve had THE BIGGEST names in the industry on this BLOG; but were you paying attention to what they were saying? ALL of these Top-Level Trainers got where they are because they put Lifestyle first – their priority was creating a specialty, work-life, and business that worked for their life and personal goals. It was THAT focus that allowed them to grow into successes.

That’s just common sense right? Of course it is, because if what you’re doing professionally doesn’t fit with the life you have in mind, how is it supposed to work?!?! And even if it does temporarily, it’s just doomed to collapse.

So ….. In case we didn’t talk about it enough in the Whistleblower Report, let’s tackle the subject head-on right here. I’ve just written another REPORT over 15 pages long on the subject – it’s just about the beauty, and for lack of a better word, GLORY you can get from this job. We cover everything that’s a part of that, including location, specialty, and social life. The truth is unless you’re proactive about your lifestyle, the neglect will start to show –

So here’s a reminder – TAKE BACK CONTROL!

Of all the parts of planning your career, you’re going to enjoy this part the most. Just click here to reserve your spot for the report (less than 200 left) and you’ll be able to see it – along with THE MARKETING BLUEPRINT and the report that started it all, THE WHISTLEBLOWER (oh and if you’re just joining us, all of these reports are completely free).

Be sure to leave your comments on here and in the report – ok, I’m back to the beach!!!