Hey whatsup guys, this is Michael Duivis for Super-Trainer.com. I want to tell you,

I wrote this blog post in maybe 15 minutes… but it took me 45 minutes to come up with the title:

This has everything to do with your squeezepage, and more importantly how you’re using it.

In case you don’t know what a squeezepage is, it’s a website that has as ONLY goal to collect the visitors contact information. It’s one of the must-have tools when you want to do relationship-based or education-based marketing for your bootcamp prospects (which btw, is one of the BEST types of marketing I can think of… more about that in a later blog post).

I think many personal trainers/bootcamp owners that start marketing for themselves… can get a little carried away with internet marketing overall.

Obviously the concept of ‘being found online’ is just plain SEXY. Of course you should set up your website and make sure it ranks for your keyword terms.. after all there is no easier way to get clients while you sleep than through your website.

However, no matter what you do online, it will always be ‘passive marketing’ since you are relying on people to FIND you.

My standalone bootcamp location (which you can see in an earlier blog post) is located in one of the Los Angeles areas that has an average income of $30k per year.

So yeah, I may rank for all my terms, but the search volume is not extremely high – and even if I get a website visitor, if I don’t collect their information they may be lost forever.

So that’s why I use my squeezepages as my main funnel.

See, if you rely on ‘passive marketing’ only, like the ‘setting & forgetting’ of your salescopy site, then you’re setting yourself up to have slow seasons in your business.

After all, your business will depend on search volume (which varies throughout the year).

A BETTER way, is to build a huge list of emails of your local residents – and then indoctrinate them to see YOU as the #1 choice when it comes to working out.

It all starts when they enter their email in your squeezepage, so here are the 6 tips to create one that converts:

(and btw, let’s use mine as example, www.InchesOffMyWaist.com)

-1- It has to have an INSANE offer in exchange for their email. Not just a ‘downloadable report on how to get a flat stomach’, but a video with something UNIQUE. Examples can be:

“how to lose 1 inch in less than 60 seconds” (which is a video on how to suck your stomach in and correct your posture) or “the best thing you can ever do at the dinner table to stop overeating” (which is a video on how to push yourself away from the dinner table, like in my squeezepage)

Just make it SO compelling, that… like… if Ms Jones does NOT optin… like…the world will end.

-2- I found a teaser video to work best. You can see a sample of a teaser video on www.InchesOffMyWaist.com – just keep it short and cut if off right before the secret is revealed.

Also, always start with a pattern interrupt. How many ‘workout videos’ are there on YouTube that start with some guy/girl standing in front of the camera saying what they’re about to do…. It’s SO boring!

And it totally kills conversions because nowadays, with the current state of the internet, people only have TWO seconds… that’s all you get.

2 seconds…

So make the very first 2 seconds of your videos always count.

And then in those remaining 45 seconds of your teaser, use as many forms of influence as possible (as always with online videos).

-3- Tell the visitor exactly what to do, and use big red arrows that point to the optin.

There should be no doubt on what the purpose is of the page.. to get their email.

-4- To make one: If you have a good webguy, use him. If not – I really like optimizepress (which is what I used for mine). The cool part is that you can tie in an entire funnel with perpetual launches, all in optimizepress.

-5- Which brings us to the last point, the follow-up. This is the most important part – after people optin, put them through a funnel that automatically launches from the time they enter their email. This can all be done through optimizepress very easily, and the format that I’m using is to run them through 3 content autoresponders… and then pitch them your lowest barrier offer, like $47 for 2 weeks of bootcamp.

And if you want to kill it (which you by all means should), make a separate sales site for that $47 offer with the salesvideo, testimonials, guarantee, etc. And then link it to your 1shoppingcart.

This way you will have an entire funnel set up that all starts with one small action – to have your prospect enter their email. The system will take care of it from there, and you can totally track your conversion for the $47 deal as you go along.

I would describe the entire funnel to you, but instead, feel free to optin on

www.InchesOffMyWaist.com and check out what happens.