I remember when we first moved to the “land of opportunity.”

We couldn’t afford cable television.

What’s interesting is that back then….

We always found something interesting to watch.

Fast forward 27 years later.

I’m happy to announce that we can now afford cable television ;)


With over 500 T.V channels, we can never find anything interesting to watch.

And that’s just fine with me.

But once in a while (very rarely)

Wifey and I put our little princess to bed early hoping to catch a flick.

And after about 20 minutes of flipping through the channels.

Frustrated, we finally give up.


500 T.V channels and we can’t find a single thing to watch?


So what’s that have to do with your fitness business.

Basically that…

If you present 27 different programs and prices to your potential client, they get confused.

In business and life. When we’re unclear and confused, we tend not to take action.

Your boy Sam,