Hello Fitness Concepts and The Camp family…

One question I often get asked is….

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question?

Let me first answer your question with a question.

(Something I learned from my clever 3 year old daughter who wins every argument)

How many days a week do you take a shower?

Let me ask you another question…..

How many days a week do you brush your teeth?

I’m really hoping you answered everyday.

Now that you admit to brushing your teeth and taking a shower everyday, let me ask you another question.

Just a couple of hundred years ago, did our ancestors brushed their teeth and took a shower everyday?

Highly unlikely?

As a matter of fact…. NOPE

We didn’t have running water til 1930’s.

And as far as tooth brush is concerned….

Toothbrush was developed in the 15th century.

So over the years we’ve have trained ourselves to AUTOMATICALLY take care of our hygiene.


As a matter of fact an annual survey of Americans’ perceptions about inventing and innovating, found that technologically advanced items significantly lag in importance behind the toothbrush, which was developed in the 15th century.

Yup, tooth brush is definitely more important than the iphone.

Imagine for a second going to work without taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Yucky” that’s what my 3 year old would say.

We wouldn’t dare think of doing that.

But yet…

For some reason we tend to “negotiate” ourselves right out of a workout, don’t we?

Working out is “hygiene” for your mind and body.

So here is my challenge to you.

Next time you “negotiate” yourself out of a workout…

You might as well “negotiate” yourself out of a shower and a tooth brush for the day.

I bet then you’ll think twice about missing your workout, wouldn’t you?

Something to think about?


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