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Hey, you guys. My name is Victoria and I want to take the time to make this little video for Sam at Super-Trainer because he has been absolutely amazing. I think I’m not the only one that feels this way but I feel that he has been totally over-delivering every single day amazing posts, amazing blogs, amazing information, stuff that is worth thousands of dollars.

So I guess this is kind of my way of saying thank you and just wanted to kind of give back. So I thought of making this little video and showing you guys or telling you guys some of the things that  I’ve been doing at my boot camp to kind of switch it up a little bit and keep it fun and exciting.

There are so many different boot camps out there and we always try to stand out and be different and one of the ways of doing that is I try to keep it fun and exciting. So they have to work out everyday. We keep them fit. But why not have fun while you’re getting fit?

So one of the things I’ve done is I bought a bunch of shot glasses and I’m actually going to show you some pictures real quick. So as you can see, I bought a bunch of shot glasses and you can buy them at any supermarket, a Walmart. So what I did is I lined up the shot glasses. I filled it up with aminos. I mixed a lot of aminos in water and shook it up, poured it in the shot glasses like shots; and then during their water break had everybody run up to the table, grab a glass. Everybody gave cheers and did a shot. So that made it really fun. We put the music really loud and kind of made it like a club environment and then of course having the shots made it tons of fun.

I actually had a few clients thinking that there was real alcohol in there so it was pretty funny. Another thing I do is I do like a lot of not competing stuff but I try to do stuff that switches things up. I play little games at boot camp or have them do little rotations for a time and whoever does the most wins a prize or I hand out protein bars, protein shakes, little things like that.

So I do a lot of teamwork stuff and if a team won, then they win a prize and they just kind of keep things fun. There are never dull moments and they look forward to come in everyday. So those are just a few ideas that I wanted to put out there. I hope it helps you guys and maybe give you some ideas. I’m sure there are tons more ideas out there. Everybody has amazing, creative minds. I mean that’s why we’re in this business. So yes, I hope this helps you guys and Sam, again, thank you so much on behalf I think of all of us fitness entrepreneurs. We are so grateful to have you and Super-Trainer.

Hey, guys. I just finished working out and I wanted to just say one more thing. I think the secret to success is truly being giving. The more you give, the more you get and I think Sam is a real prime example of that. He gives so much everyday and we should all strive to be more like that in every aspect of our lives.

So I just wanted to emphasize that real quick. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you next time.

Victoria Ainis