Hey Super Trainers,

Hope you’re doing awesome and are ready to kick your game up a notch or ten in 2014.

As I have mentioned before, I have been extremely busy with serious expansions.

I was enjoying my semi retired lifestyle, but my young, hungry and ambitious team once again has dragged me back in the game.

I feel like the Godfather where Michael Corleon says “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in”

(Just signed the lease for our 7th location and currently negotiating for the 8th)

These are full on “transformation centers” that provide the best of both worlds boot camp style functional training as well as bodybuilding style weight training.

For the hundredth time, we don’t sell boot camp, personal training, Zumba, Yoga, Cross Fit, etc…..

(Don’t label yourself and give prospects a way to compare you with others)

WE SELL BODY TRANSFORMATIONS. No boot camp, no personal training = No way for prospects to compare you.

Like you, 99.9% people come to us to transform their bodies and to generally look and feel better.

And that’s what we do. With any method(s) that we deem necessary. (and so should you)

These days we concentrate on getting our clients RESULTS.

But believe it or not, results as important as it is, it’s our secondary focus.

Believe it or not our primary focus is to make sure our clients are having fun.

We call it the “fun factor” or “wow factor”


(That’s why all of our walls are full of motivational graffiti and quotes)

(By the way we also have a full on DJ table, surround sound and DISCO lights)

Yes you read it right. Our primary concern is to make sure we have a fun atmosphere.

You’re probably thinking to yourself…..


Let me first tell the first time I had this epiphany.

I took my then 3 year old daughter to our dentist Dr. Soboh, who also happen to be a friend and a client.

My daughter sat on the dentist chair but refused to open her mouth when I asked her.

Getting a little embarrassed, I forced the issue and grabbed her jaw pleading with her to open her mouth. I was visibly getting frustrated.

Then the good Doctor came in the room and told me “Sam, what are you doing? let me handle this”

He told his assistant “Don’t do anything she doesn’t want to do today”

I was now even more frustrated and was thinking “I drove 30 minutes to get here, that little girl better open her mouth”

The Doctor and his assistant started playing a game with my little 3 year old…

“This is Mr. Thirsty and this is Ms. Bubble gum” and so on…

Next thing I know my daughter not only opened her mouth, but she was actually having fun and was following the doctors orders all the way.

All of a sudden it dawned on me….

If it was up to me, I would have traumatized my daughter and she would forever HATED going to the dentist.

But now, she actually asks if she can go see Dr. Soboh.

As a matter of fact everytime she sees a candy she says “Dr. Soboh said candy is bad for the teeth”

No wonder so many people FAIL when they start a nutrition and workout program.

Most workout and nutrition programs are either too hard for beginners or just plain old BORING.

What makes the matter worse is that the environment is boring as well.

We often traumatize the beginners without knowing it.

Even worse than that? A fitness pro that’s not only BORING, but just seems to be disinterested and is just going through the motions.

Or is just interested in the “workout” and not the “fun factor” of the workout.

In my humble opinion too many trainers concentrate way too much time on their so called “workout programming” than their “fun programming”

Don’t get me wrong the workout programming is very important. Especially for the more advanced client/athlete.

But for the general public, the fun factor is infinitely more important than the programming.

The most advanced program in the world is not going to work, if they don’t enjoy being there.

The most advanced nutrition program in the world is not going to work, if they don’t comply.

I know two fitness pros who ran the same EXACT 2 week promotion.

One got them excellent results BUT failed to make it fun.

Results ===> nobody converted.

The other one, got them good results BUT connected with them and made it fun.

Results ===> converted 96%.

At the end of the day, I am sorry to give you the bad news but…..

If you’re differentiating based on your equipment guess what? that can be bought and copied by your competitors.

If you’re differentiation based on your method of delivering your workouts (cross fit, boot camp, personal training) ==> You’re already a commodity. There is a cross fit, boot camp and studio in every corner. Sometimes even right next door.

If you’re differentiating by saying “we deliver results” and “we are the best”. I am pretty darn sure, your competitor is NOT saying he/she is second best.

The only thing you got, is your company culture. Ours is FUN, RESULTS BASED TRAINING.

We party and workout at the same time.

We bring in different DJ’s weekly to spin tunes.

Your competitors can copy everything, EXCEPT you and your culture.

Be different. Be better. Be yourself.