Hey it’s your main man 7-figure Sam here,

This past weekend I flew to Connecticut for the Elite Training Workshop. My boys Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry put on an incredible event.

This event was hosted at Tyler “Naturally Hardcore” English’s new state of the art facility. Tyler’s gym is RIDICULOUS…..

(Tyler promised to do a blog post for you Super Trainers very soon)


Before I tell you a story about customer service I want to share something with you.

Consider this:

And finally,

The number one reason why customers switch companies is that they don’t feel appreciated.

Enough about the fact now let me tell you my little story ;)

While attending the Elite Training Workshop I found this boutique grocery store/sandwich shop called “The Meat House”.

They had the best steak sandwich that I have ever  eaten.

So I told everyone about it the next day and we called to order 15 or so sandwiches.

Except this time….when the order was called in, the sandwich artist taking the order immediately handed the phone off when she heard it was a large order.

The second sandwich artist that came to the phone could not get the telephone to function properly and was not able to understand the order being taken.

When we asked what our total was, we were told we could figure that by multiplying $6.99 by the amount of sandwiches.  A grand total was not offered by them.

When asked what the tax rate would be, we were told “whatever sales tax is”.  After stating we were not from here and had no clue, we were told “either 6% or 8%”.

AMAZING!  After completing the order and hanging up the telephone, we called back and spoke with a manager who was completely dumbfounded.

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever come up short on customer service?

Of course you have. We ALL have. If said no then you’re a F****** liar.

It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when.

HOW you handle the situation is what matters the most.

If you have truly come up short then admit it, take responsibility and win the customer over at all cost. This is actually the best time to show someone that you truly care and are willing to go the extra mile.

In this case, the manager completely took charge.

He explained that they take customer service very seriously and as a matter of fact they had a meeting that same morning about “delivering the Disney experience”

Here is what the manager did to totally win us over

Will I ever go back and eat there? Absolutely

Am I a big fan? Absolutely

You too can win over customers in time of adversity. I will even go out on a limb and say look for these opportunities to EARN some of your best fans ;)

Your boy Sam,