Hey this is Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes again.

I’m here to to give you meaningful blog post.. or something like that?


I’m going to make this a quick one because I really don’t like working more then I have to… I like to keep my total work minutes under 15min. a day….

I run my own Fitness Business all by myself the most part… I can handle wearing all the hats with my business with no problem because I have systems in place. I really don’t need to hire a assistant…actually the major brunt of my work comes from answering emails…..which I really don’t mind.




One thing I can’t stand when running my business is… when I have to deal with customer emails asking for some sort of refund because they chose to not make it to boot camp after they signed up for it…

These are the exact ones who read your refund policy’s yet they still try to put the blame on you because they couldn’t get their ass out of bed to make it to boot camp.. and Now they want their money back? WTF!

Man that’s just some BULLSHIT right there!


But how do you respond to that dreaded refund type of email?

Man, but that isn’t cool because that makes me look like a total douche bag..But you still don’t want to compromise your Business’s Policy’s and Procedures.


It’s always a tough call!

What I do is.. I make up a fake administrator assistant personality to answer these types of refund emails…. I usually use the name Lisa M. Mcdonald <– sounds pretty legit right?

You never know how these Clients are going to react to the words “NO REFUND”


So I usually send a trick email saying something simple like this with my fake assistant name.

Hello Miss (last name)


Here is our policy’s and procedures on refunds as stated on the website you registered on (INSERT YOUR POLICY HERE)



Lisa M Mcdonald

Administrator Assistant ”


Like I said before.. You never know how these people are going to react. Hopefully they will be totally cool with it and respect your Policy OR they might get all ape shit and pissed off….Blah Blah Blah


Whatever… the point is… you got the chance to stand up for your business without looking like the “Shit Head Bad Guy” because you used a fake name to answer your email.

Well, you will probably end up giving them their money back…but at least you gave it a fair shot. Now this is the cool part… because you are probably thinking this person hates me now and will just talk shit about my business now.
Not True..


Actually, you now have the chance to respond back and look like that total ROCK STAR that saves the day and everyone loves.


So, to do that …you send out an email response to them that looks something like this.


Hello (Use cients First name) <–more personable this time


This is Jonas, my administrator just forwarded me this email.

She is new to the job and still in training.
I’m sorry that you are upset. I have no problem refunding you.. I want you to know that I really hope

that in the future we can help you with reaching your goals and I totally understand your situation.


Please let me know if you have anymore questions or if there is anything

I can do to help you out.


Sincerely yours, Jonas


P.S. Here is my private email I use for my VIP clients. (insert different email address) Please use it If you ever want direct access to me in the future. “

You will end up making yourself look even better then before in their eyes and that’s what it is all about.


So, give that little admin trick a try next time and let me know how it turns out for you.



Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes


P.S. I’m trying to decide if I should keep the Pink Mo-Hawk..should I keep it or grow it out?