This is a blog post by my boy Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby. Pat is just one of those nice southern boys. He has always been more than willing to give a helping hand and as a matter of fact Pat and Tyler “Human Anatomy Chart”  English helped me pick out some equipment for my boot camp.

Here is Pat,


I first heard this phrase from my buddy Dax Moy and I’ve pretty much adopted it as a way of life.

You get paid for done.

How many projects have you started that you knew were sure winners that never got finished?

How many ideas have you had that you knew would change the world?

The bottom line is that none of that matters unless you see things through to the finish.

I’ll give you a great example:

When we initially dreamed up the idea of Athletic Revolution, we wanted to build a business model that would help good coaches and trainers enjoy successful, lucrative and rewarding careers training young athletes.

But to do it right we had to create a franchise (a license wouldn’t be good enough) and we had to build it so that it served the trainers and coaches that we wanted to help.

Doing it right took a LOT longer and cost a LOT more than just putting together a product or a license – but it was the right thing to do.

We launched the franchise and soon determined that many of the very coaches we wanted to help would be better served with an amended model, one that didn’t have the same type of start up costs.

At this point it would’ve been easy to start offering AR’s to people that could afford the ‘Elite’ model. There are no shortage of people that want to jump on the youth fitness and sports performance bandwagon in the business world (my next door neighbor has been ready to buy as big a territory as we’d sell him since we launched.)

But that’s not who we want to serve.

So as of yesterday we could finally start offering our Athletic Revolution Independent Coach model – and I had a waiting list of over 80 people when I could finally send out the franchise documents for their review.

We’re finally able to serve exactly who we designed Athletic Revolution for – but not without overcoming all of the same obstacles we all face when we want to get something done:

Expenses – some unexpected

Delays from outside parties (attorneys in this case)

Other tasks keeping us busy

Unforeseen bumps in the road

But we saw it though and now have created something that will change a lot of lives when most people would’ve never started, quit along the way or settled for something much different than they’d dreamed of.

Needless to say I’m excited about this, but I’m also excited because I know that if we can do it – so can you.

If we can overcome the obstacles and finish what we started, then you can too.

You can:

:: Open that facility

:: Launch that new program

:: Expand your business

::Create that product

You can do whatever you want – if you’re willing to commit to finishing what you start. And that will set you apart from almost everyone.

And remember – you only get paid for done.