There you stand. Hours and hours passed in the gym. Countless money on supplements, books, perhaps even a personal trainer. Yet you’re still fat!

Now I was raised to never use the F word, but after many years in this profession, I find myself with the ability to say it with such force that instead of being embarrassed by it, my clients have embraced the word and have used it to motivate change!

Now before I get into controlling high cortisol levels, “stubborn fat zones”, alpha-2 receptors that need to be turned off and all the other stars that need to be in line in order for you to lose fat…let’s get down to the real basics which most people haven’t even scratched the surface of.

If you have been on the quest to shed those unwanted FAT pounds, then read up and find out why you still carry the burden of that extra weight!

  1. Your mouth is not a vacuum! That’s right. You mouth is not meant to be a Hoover, a Shop Vac or the latest and greatest of cyclone vacuum’s with its only purpose to suck up every morsel of food put it front of it. So it’s someone’s birthday at the office…no one is forcing the cake in your mouth. So what if you have to take a client out to dinner, they aren’t asking you to eat the butter drenched bread and making you get fries with your order. If a trim waist line is your goal, the first order of business is controlling your food intake. The best way to do this? Start to journal your food. Journal every last crumble that enters your mouth and only then will you see just how much you are eating! Another great resource is logging your food into a program like FitDay at which will allow you to track exactly how many calories along with your macronutrient breakdown for each day.
  1. Respect and understand what goes into your mouth: Quality over quantity! To be honest, it’s not that damn hard! High quality lean protein sources, healthy fats from oils and nuts, leafy greens and a variety of vegetables, limited amounts of fruits preferably from thin skin fruits and plenty of water. I was once taught, “if it didn’t run, swim or fly and didn’t come straight from the ground…don’t eat it!”
  1. Stop training like Richard Simmons and train with passion and purpose. Train like a Warrior! If you really want to start stripping off fat faster than 7 Figure Sam drops blog posts (sorry Sam I had to!) then start training with some INTENSITY! Shorten your rest periods, perform multiple multi-joint heavy movements, SWEAT, train to the point that you wanna lay on the floor and wish the room would stop spinning. NEWS FLASH, losing FAT takes effort so stop arguing over how much your workout partner helped you out on your bench while you both flex in the mirror and start busting your ass!
  1. Supplement with quality. I cringe at the amount of money people spend on low quality supplements that bare the highest levels of marketing and promise! From this day forward make a vow to work with qualified professionals/naturopaths when picking your supplements. YES they do make a difference!


The bottom line: The road to ripped takes EFFORT and DEDICATION. Effort in the gym, effort in the kitchen, dedication to be disciplined, dedication to make it a lifestyle! Abs aren’t a privilege they are a badge of honour that those who possess them understand what it takes to achieve them. Do you have what it takes or are you still making excuses?

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