Youtube is considered the best video sharing site in the Interwebs. Virtually anyone can create an account and share captured moments worldwide. It’s a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Youtube is ranked number 3 in the world according to Alexa (The Web Information Company). With rankings like this and the ability to broadcast to the world, why wouldn’t you utilize the site and embed links to your videos in order to create lead generation. Why is it important to do this?

First you need to understand how to use Youtube as a marketing tool for lead generation. But you also need to know, it’s not limited to lead generation alone. Compare it to similar sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can use Youtube to interact, make friends, and invite customers to subscribe to your Youtube channel. Your channel is similar to your Facebook profile and should be maintained so that it invites people to check it out. Your channel should also reflect the way you do business. After all, this is the reason for sharing the videos; to draw traffic to your business and produce leads.

Embedding a clickable link in your video is the perfect way to direct prospects to your business. If viewers like your videos they will want to know more about you and your business. Keep this in mind as you post your video. Ask yourself if it will attract the attention you desire and draw a deeper interest into what service or product you offer.

This link makes it convenient for your viewer. Don’t we live in a society where we strive to make our tasks convenient? The link eliminates having to open up another web page to search for your business. If the convenience of the link isn’t there during the moment your video peaked their interest, they might not want to take the time to research your product or service after watching the video. Make it easy for them to know who you are, and the more traffic your site will get. Do the work for them; make it convenient for them to take the next step. Think about it, they took the first step to watch a video about your service so guide them to their next step.

Don’t stress! Embedding a link is not difficult and no, it’s not expensive. You can choose to optimize your keywords and produce more traffic or use a couple of keywords and low cost bids which literally cost about 4 cents for two clicks. Remember, the clickable link redirects the viewer to your website, facebook page, blog or whatever link you decide to embed, thus making their research easier. Think about the exposure you can receive by doing this. Not only does the viewer watch your video increasing the total views on youtube, your embedded link allows the prospect to learn more about your business therefore increasing the chance of getting more sales.