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Yo guys! What’s up? Zach Even-Esh here freezing, taking my dog for a walk. Arnold, check him out. That’s my homeboy and every morning I take my daughter to school and then I come here and take Arnold for a walk. It’s about a half-mile walk to the dog park. He hangs out with a bunch of crazy dogs. They go nuts. There are all kinds of other crazy dogs jumping all over me and I listen to and they’re talking about how marketing has a bad outlook or people view marketing as bad, like it’s evil.

Well, what they’re saying and this so much the truth is that what marketing does it is helps people spread their word about the knowledge they have to help other people, to make their lives better if they’re doing it ethically. What I think about is somebody like Bill Phillips, Body for Life. He did lots of marketing and look at all the lives he changed. It was all for the good.

If he didn’t get off his ass and market and have a mission, he wouldn’t have changed so many lives; and because he changed so many lives, because he helped other people get more fit, lose 100 or 50 or X amount of pounds, see he helped the lives around those people become better because of their health.

Here’s the other thing that really struck me is that like kids and adults doing things like I can’t afford the $19.95 a month, I can’t afford the $37 ebook. The world I believe needs more entrepreneurs, people that have a passion for something, that are willing to go out and do something about it and spread their knowledge to help other people. In doing so, you add value to the world and when you add value to other people, you begin making more money and I believe it’s an amazing cycle. It’s beautiful.

The issue is that people are allowing basically like circumstances to control them and I think that’s a serious issue. I remember when my membership site was $12.95 a month and here and there I would have somebody email me and say, “Oh, this $12.95 a month is killing me. Cancel my subscription.” They were out of control crazy and I thought to myself, “Where the heck do you work that $12.95 a month is killing you?”

Now sure, you might say, “Who are you to judge my circumstances, $12.95?” But you know what? I think about all the things that I did when I was young and I don’t know why I don’t see this anymore. I understand there’s no paper routes we had but hey, if a kid was going around asking to mow lawns and wash cars, I would get it done. I would pay the kid to do it. Go ahead. Wash my car. Wash my wife’s car then mow the lawn. I will pay you. Come back every other week. I’ll let you auto debit the thing. Let’s go, Arnold. Let’s go. We’ll get run over here by cars.

So here’s the issue or here’s my concern, that this world needs more entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a passion and you know that it’s something that will add value to people’s lives, then go for it. Go to Start listening to their podcast and do something about it. Don’t complain that you don’t have money. Don’t complain that your life is in a shitty place. Do something.

Get off your ass and change the world and the way you begin changing the world is by one person at a time. You’re affecting one person at a time but nothing happens until you do something and I don’t really know how else to say it. It just really kind of bothers me when I hear people say they don’t have the money for something that’s $19.95. Why don’t you have the money? Don’t tell me that it’s your age or this or that. Do something about it. Be an entrepreneur.

How is that? This is nuts. I don’t care. We’re upside down. Holy crap! See, you just got to make things happen. This video is far, far from perfect. Almost pulled my ears out with my dog here and that’s how we roll.

All right. Zach Even-Esh here, UndergroundStrengthShow.TV. Strength coaches, go to and anybody in this world, I’m speaking to you. Check it out., Joe Polish, Dean Jackson. Those guys are cool as all heck and they just give from their hearts. I love the message they say and anybody that’s crying saying marketing is a bad thing, if you say that marketing is a bad thing, it means that you’re probably trying to spread the word about something that’s just not good, not ethical and not bringing value to people. Bring the value and kick some ass. Peace out, kids. Take care, comb your hair.


Zach Even – Esh